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I have to get braces soon, how much does it hurt? ouch!!?

Well, it can hurt a great deal actually. Getting them on doesn't hurt unless you have to have 6 teeth pulled (like me). They will hurt after you get them on for weeks. Everytime you go after you have them on, they tweak the tightness. There's a moderate amount of pain involved afterwards from the tightness that your teeth have to adjust to. I strongly reccomend Advil. Closing your mouth can even hurt.

The worst pain you'll feel when you have braces is from the dreaded POWER CHAINS across the front teeth. They aren't called "power chains" for fun. They pull, HARD. I wasn't able to chew food for days after getting a power chain put in.

The final source of pain is from elastics. Like everything else, they pull, HARD. It takes a lot of getting used to. Be sure to follow the elastic instructions they give you and DON'T SKIP OUT. They'll upgrade you to Frans or even Freds. You'll understand the elastic lingo eventually. You'll probably start on Bummers.

Good luck! Follow instructions! Keep your teeth cleaner than ever!

it hurts a bit bit but you should be ok.

The first week i couldn't even eat soup... But the rest of the months are FINE. No need to worry. It only hurts for like 2 to 3 days when your orthodontists adjusts your braces.

George Straight-Edge Bush♥
It doesn't really hurt when you're getting them on. But when you go home, they'll hurt. For about a week.

I got mine off 2 years ago.

Good luck!

Samantha R
yes braces do hurt i have them and they seriously hurt it could be hard to eat but after 2 weeks its ok its probably going to still hurt but you'll get used to it on the first when you try to smile it could hurt when you smile and have you're teeth out it could be much easier

tyler s
if you really whant to know i had braces and at first it herts for a couple days or hours depending and how sensetive you are. but you will get used to it soon.

not that bad. the tightning may hurt you a little. but thats nothing to be worried about. it hurts when you break a bracket tho. but thats when you already have your braces on.
but other than that, it doesnt hurt. hope that helps!

joshua w
well, the spaces are quite annoying, supposing you are going to get them. people say the braces have a tendancy to leave ulcers
in mouth, but i have them and have had hardly any problems. but for about a week after getting be prepared to live on bread and soup...
actually getting them is the worst part. to be precise, it is the getting mouth ready for them. but it's only for a bit. oh, and don't worry if your teeth feel like they are going to fall out. they won't! XD

it's not that painful when they put on the brackets, cause they are glued on, but when they put on the wires, it hurts, cause they are tightening your teeth.

I have braces the braces themselves don't hurt it took a long tiring time and the next day it was sore, before they put in the braces they put rubberbands b/w your back teeth so the metal an go around thats the pain. its the titening after you get the braces that hurts the most.

unfortantly a lot. Not putting them on, put after and after tightening
For me when they were first put on, I wasent completly out of pain for at least a week, the when they were tightened, at least 4 days of pain. But I also did have very bad teeth. So maybe it wont be as bad if you're teeth arent as bad as mine were

it doesn't hurt at all wen u r getting them on, but i am going to be honest w/ u, about five minutes after the end of it, it hurts like hell. it really hurts to eat and stuff, but uhh dont worry its only for a few days!!! ;)

I just got mine on a couple of months ago and they haven't ever hurt

I had braces recently. They hurt the most right when you get them on. It was hard for me to eat anything hard, but if you eat things like yogurt and applesauce you'll be fine. It really helps if you take something like Tylenol. After a few days they don't hurt anymore. And they hurt a little each time you get them tightened.

it hurts you'll only be able to eat noodles. at the start of course but youll get used to it gurl. ask your gentist to give you enough of the wax ok coz the metal would rub on your oral mucosa and produce ulcers.. have plenty of mouthwash at home coz you yont be able to brush much. try the orofar gargle because it has lidocaine, an anesthetic so it relieves the pain..

i hope this helps

They really hurt after you get them on for a couple of days, but usually only when you eat solid foods. Try only eating soft foods and liquids. I would also take some Advil or IBprofine, or something of that sort. They usually don't hurt that much until you get them tightened and then they hurt for a day or two, but not too badly! I hope your teeth look nice when you get them off!!!

i had braces for 2 years, it doesn't really hurt, only for the first 2 or 3 days and every now and again when you get them tightened, just take motrin or some type of pain medicine a few hours before you go so it gets into your system.

It really didn't hurt that much, and I'm such a baby when it comes to pain. I remember having them removed was more painful because it seemed like they just yanked them off. Your mouth will be a little sore, but nothing major.

spacers are wat they usely put a week before u put onthe braces. they r used to provide room for the bands, which hold the wires, which hold the braces

***pink and light blue are cute colors

***NEVER get white or clear bands cause white looks like food is stuck in ur braces and clear like it u eat ketchup or a lollipop or somethin, they stain

***they put the bands, and then every time u go back u get to choose new colors

i have gotton em on over 6 times (dont ask!)

it doesnt hurt dont worry-it is just a long process and it tastes kinda bad

they give u a band on ur molars fiist, to see ur size and stuff

first theu put this positioner thing is ur mouth, it makes your mouth stretch a lkot so they can see ur teeth, it will bother u for a minute or 2 but u will get used to it, u keep that thing on the WHOLE time

then there are these things that look like shots and stuff, i got really freaked out when i first saw them but actually, they dont go in ur mouth! this is the cement that they put on ur braces then they stick the braces on ur teeth
**the cement kinda tastes bad!
they do this the first time and every time u get them tightened:

they will put the rubber bands on ur braces with things that look like sisscors (they dont hurt) after that they put the wire-this is the most anoying part cause after they slip it in ur mouth, they have to cut it to make it fit right

then that is it!Ur done
but after u do it, ask ur doctor for dental wax, and rubber cover up

when u get home use ACT mouthwash and for the first hour, ur teeth may be a little numb so drink mainly fluids-clear fluids

then for the first day or 2 ur teeth may be a little sensitive so stick with eating soup, pasta, and soft foods-avoid straws

every night use Peroxyl mouthwash for like a week to keep ur gums storng from cuts and use dental wax and rubber coverups so u wont get blisters, they hurt a little but arent that bad. avoid sleeping on ur side, try to keep ur head straight up for a couple of days

every morning and every night use the Peroxyl mouthwash again for 2 weeks then after that just use ACT mouthwash to keep ur teeth and gum s healthy. get some Super floss, made for braces-i sugest elictrical toothbrushes they keep ur mouth cleaner

dont worry-trust me- i have had my braces on for almost 4 years, i just got em off 3 days ago-i luv my new smile!!!


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