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 What natural remedy can one use for toothache? I have taken some pain killer but it hasnt helped?

 Haven't been brushing my teeth in quite some time?
Before I continue, please don't answer with "eww" or "gross" or whatever, it's immature IMHO. Please respect my question and either answer or leave, instead of offending ...

 What is better? brushing the teeth BEFORE eating breakfast or brushing the teeth AFTER eating the breakfast??

 Tooth pain?
how do i get rid of tooth pain besides extra strength tylenol becuase its not working that well ...... and im going in for a root canal in a few days but its THROBBING!...

 Do you think that dental work should be covered by regular health insurance plans?
I don't see why it isn't already. If your teeth get too bad, it can affect your brain. Are there any health insurance plans that include dental, or do you always have to get dental ...

 Do you have to go to the dentist for canker sores?

 Does braces hurt?
Ok well im getting braces is 4 weeks and im kinda afraid because people say they hurt really bad?,do they?...

 Does it hurt to get a cap put on your teeth?
I got a root canal on Friday and am scheduled to have the cap put on Tuesday. The procedure was painless and I actually went to sleep. But what is it like to have the cap put on? Is there pain? What ...

 How do I get rid of bad breath?

 I chipped my tooth just a bit. How long will it take to heal?
Today to show my friend a feature of my Sharpie Mini, I tried to get the silver clip cap off it. Unable to get it with my fingers, i tried to bite it. The silver part chipped my front tooth a bit. T...

lesss than $30.
and dont say brushing your teeth or Whitenimg toothpate....

 How do I let my tutor know that his breath smells without hurting his feelings?
He drinks coffee all the time and whenever he gets close to me I feel like i am going to ...

 Wisdom teeth taken out in hospital under general?
I have avoided the dentist for 12 years because i was too nervous to go.One of my wisdom teeth is sore and pushing up through gum a bit so went dentist after hubby forced me. An x-ray showed i have 2 ...

 Are we suppose to floss before or after brushing teeth?

 What is the best way to get rid of a mouth ulcer? Bonjela doesn't do anything for me!?

 How do i remove my braces by doing it myself?

 PLZ help! does ice or cold things help tootache?
I'm in pain!!!!! & dnt have acess to the ...

 What color braces should i get?
i'm a 14 yr old male hindu.
i have black hair, brown eyes, 6 feet tall.
light brown skin.

what colors should i get.
i like the color red. what do u guys think?

 How often do you brush your teeth?
On average I brush mine 1.5 times per ...

 I have a problem w/grinding my teeth @ nite-the dentist suggest i get a nite guard that cost $475.?
i think he is nuts! does anyone have advice for me? should i use what the doctor orders or should i try something else?...

I have maggot larva festering in my gums, what do I do to completely get rid of it?
Where I live there is a bad fly infestation, quite possibly from a dead carcus around or under my home. While I sleep flys lay eggs in my mouth and there larva hatches into maggots in and around my gumline area. The warmth in my mouth acts as an incubator for the larva. Alot of times this experience is painful because the maggots feed on my tounge, gums, and inner wall of my mouth. The stench of the larva mutating is unbearable and I have found myself getting bad headaches and flu like symptoms. I have tried everything from listerine to taping my mouth shut when I sleep, but the listerine does nothing and the flys just make there way into me by way of my nostrils. At one point I was at the market checking out when the larva mutated into maggots and as I spoke with the checker she threw up because maggots were pouring out of my mouth onto her check stand. Please if you have any suggestions I really would appreciate them. Thanks

If you are serious(only if u r), you have to visit your physician. But I think you r not coz this case is called Larva Migrans and it never had affected the mouth alone. And never had worms walking from your body to out. Larva Migrans you should manifest only pain under skin due to laying eggs and th etreatment is so easy just you take some tablets then you will be ok.

i think it's time to just accept the fact that you're going to have maggots pouring out of your mouth on occasion. sometimes these things happen. don't worry, i'm sure it could be worse. you can still lead a relatively normal life. rock n' roll, deal with it.

well, maggots eat dead, decaying materials, so you must have a larger problem, have you checked your heat beat lately bud?

it was a good try though, in a fourth grade kinda way.

Well, Good thing ur joking!

OMG Try some Acid

eeew is it really that bad i feel sorry for you...try calling a doctor and get someone to check out your house...is that a serious question?...i'm sorry for asking but i've never heard of that before...(my mouth is tingling just thinking about it...) but seriously get someone to exterminate them or try to find a way to get the "carcus" out of where-ever...

Ha Ha, how long did it take to think of that one.

yeah. ok. nice try.

you are a zombi is that right or maybe you are a ghoul,The best thing you can do is get burried and rest in peace

try cutting you head off

All right, enuff is enuff. You're killin' me. Go to the asylum. now.
Or perhaps hang around long enuff and you will end up like the rest of us idjuts.

Good God! Go to a doctor! And sleep with a cloth of some sort over your head. Is this a serious question?

Are you ******* serious?!?!?!? If you are teling the truth then PLEASE go to the hospital or see a doctor RIGHT NOW, if you're not, then that is kind of mean and you're an ***. But then again...if you are telling the truth, I'm very sorry.

Poison Ivy
haha to much CSI or what?????

Unfrozen Caveman

You should write screen plays for movies or something...

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