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 Ive got toothache wots the best way to get rid of the pain without useing pain killers my dentist is closed?

 Does anyone else puke when you brush your teeth?
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i've told the dentist. he said it's normal ...

I have a white spot in the cheek near the wisdom tooth. Is it early sign of leukoplakia or just a skin change?
I would just like to add that when my wisdom tooth was erupting, a part of my skin in that part came out. So is it
the new skin coming out or is it early sign of leukoplakia?
Additional Details
I am not a tobacco addict and i am 19 years old. Does leukoplakia happen at
such early age?

Akil B
go ask the doctor

just go to the doctor it might just be an air bubble or something simple


It might just be an age spot. The white spots can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun over years.

Mouth scabs are white and it sounds like you may have chewed that area. It is very common in that area because there is little space left for our wisdom teeth. See your dentist, he should probably check it to be sure. If you are biting your cheek, he can adjust the bite to relieve that problem.

Well I'm a dental assistant and one of the signs of leukoplakia is a painless white patch in the oral cavity...I wouldn't say you have to worry about cancer just yet...but if your not too sure just go to the dentist and let him diagnose you.

Chairside Fellow

Looks like "leukoplakia" is something you got on the Internet on some oral health sites. If you smoke, drink and chew tobacco, then I would consider it! Otherwise, it's a rare occurrence.

"White spots" on the cheek in the "wisdom teeth" area are commonly biting injuries by the posterior molars.

In any case, a dental check will clear that issue!

Straight Guy
Can the white spot be scrapped off? If yes, it could be candidiasis... but whatever brief history u have mentioned...it is highly unlikely. If it cant... it could be "Linea Alba"... the linear line at the area corresponding to when the jaws are closed(during occlusion). Leukoplakia is a very broad term... for a lesion that appears white and cannot be scraped off... If u r not satisfied ... go and show to a Dental Specialist in Oral Medicine... Don't worry...

Contact your dentist...This is not a directory for Doctors to answer questions like that on here. Use common sense...

your skin would be a little rough also,, that sounds like gum tissue,, but to prevent any other worries, and always wondering about what it is.. make a appt. to get it checked out.

Trust me, I'm a scientist.
Don't be such a hypochondriac. Why would you have leukoplakia? Only if you doing chewing tobacco...

If your wisdom tooth is out, you should see a dentist anyway, just to make sure everything is okay. Just ask about this white spot when you go.

I doubt that you have leukoplakia. It could be linear alba due to biting or frictional keratoses due to continual biting of the peri coronal flap which is the tissue over the wisdom tooth. This would also explain the loss of tissue that you had earlier.
Good Luck

Go to your dentist if you are this worried!

go see your doctor if your really worried

I change my name72
It is time to take it out.Try not weight that long.

Your wisdom teeth are emerging early! I am 40 and mine are still making an appearance! :) It is probably nothing but to be safe, go to your dentist and get it checked out.

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