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I have a small cavity, anything I can do to cure it?
Other than going to the dentist, anything I can do to cure it?

Sorry, cavities are NOT curable. They are only repairable. It depends on what you mean by small AND which tooth it is on that will decide "how" it is repaired. Most commonly, a small filling and if your dentist is good, it should be fairly quick & painless. The alternative is most certainly a cavity that grows, increasing in size and causing more tooth structure to be removed in order to repair and if it gets deep enough to get to the nerve... severe pain & a root canal. Do not wait, small cavities are the easiest to fix and require the least invasive procedures. Good luck

Sorry, I'd like to tell you otherwise, but the dentist is the only way.
And the sooner you go, the faster and less involved a procedure.
Dentistry doesn't hurt, really, they are there to relieve pain. Not cause it. Get it done right away, after you'll be amazed that you were afraid. And you're talking to someone who as a child was absolutely horrified, for no good reason. Because all dentists want to make you feel better.

go to the dentist, and have them fill it, and have them fill it soon...don't leave it go, because I had a cavity I let grow for about 2 years (it didn't hurt, but I have really long roots), and when I finally went and got it filled, it was so deep, I almost needed a root canal (I had something called "pulpitis" according to the dentist), and they have to drill MUCH deeper.....if you get it now, you may get a little drilling, and a little filling. they had to mix the mixture and fill mine TWICE, that's how deep it was. Don't mean to scare you, but get it taken care of. also, your teeth will hurt like crazy when you eat really hot, or really cold stuff...


all you can do is to go to the dentist ASAP, if not it can only lead to a bigger cavity, let your dentist take off the cavity and put a filling, thats the only remedy.

sanam d
no cure at all. visit a dentist its not as bad as you think . may be your decay is in enamel and in that case you even dont need any injections.

God's chosen
same here and it is killing me! what i do is rinse my mouth with peroxide and it helps before the pains comes so try that!

EL Big Ed

Go to the dentist and get a filling.

Well, if you don't want to go to a Dentist I guess you could always try doing what they did in the days of the old west and have a friend knock the tooth out for you instead!

Personally, I would go and have the Dentist remove it if I were going to have it removed, because atleast they know what they are doing and they know how to make it painless.

No cavity will ever go away on it's own and there's nothing you can do to "cure it". The longer you leave it there, the bigger it gets, and eventually it will begin to hurt if it doesn't already. That means the decay is getting closer to the nerve which lies in the center of the tooth. If the decay reaches this area, you will have a lot of pain, and probably swelling, and get an abscess(infection) thereby needing a root canal or extraction. Is it worth all that?? I think not. Is it a fear of dental treatment that keeps you away from going?? Alot of offices out there offer sedation dentistry where you take a pill or something that relaxes you throughout the process. And you can take your Ipod/MP3 or headphones with you to drown out the noise of the drill. A filling is not a big deal, really. Good luck.

nooooo-it'll only get worse the longer you avoid the cure---the dentist-----go-yoiu'll feel better

Kill sixteen chickens below the age of three months. Boil them until the meat all drops from the bones. Grind the bones into powder and mix this powder with ginger and honey until it forms a paste similar to road tar. Get naked. Cover your body with this mixture. Build a fire using nothing but oak logs. Stand three feet from the fire and raise your hands into the air while shouting, "Ahmina patradeos dentaire non carioso eterno," at the top of your voice until the police come and take you away. After that, your cavity will not bother you. You will not have to go to the dentist. They will bring the dentist to you.

No cure but to prolong the date for the dental visit you have to make sure after meals to clean your teeth. If remains stay in the cavity it is going to get bigger. Believe me you can fight against it for a long time just keeping it clean. This way it will not get worse quickly. However small or big is a relative thing. So the dentist is wating for you to decide on how small it is. In any case they love filling them up.

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