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I have a lot of gumline cavaties and slow rot on my teeth. What kind of....?
vitamins should I be taking to slow the process and make my teeth last longer?

Well you need to have them repaired and stop what it is you are doing to cause them and start doing things to prevent them in the future..........gumline cavities usually come from drinking pop all day long..........nothing is going to stop or slow the process, you need to have the repaired ASAP


Dr. Linder
it is far too late for that. you are most likely going to need serious surgery. get to a dentist immediately

Jeeeeeeez o pete, go to the dentist & get some work done.

Take Calcium and gargle everyday.

Tiffany C
Your teeth are made up of mostly calcium. Take calcium suppliments to help your teeth enamel stay stronger.

You need some fillings and you also need to learn to brush your teeth properly. Your brushing technique might be causing your gums to recess and expose the more vulnerable cementum( root surface) to the oral environment. Ask your dentist.

go to the dentist, they can help you with that.

Dr. Bugly
Get off the crank.

Do you by chance drink alot of sodas or have you ever been on meth? Acid can also damage teeth, acid reflux, lemons, and sodas all contain acid. Sugar is the only thing though that can cause decay. Combine sugar and acid and you get severe dental decay. You need fluride, not calcium.

Ronnie J
Cut down the sodas.

Drink milk.

Brush twice a day.

Go to the dentist every 6 months. Sounds like you have already went to the dentist and were told about the gumline cavities.

vitamins wont do your gums or teeth justice. you need to get your insurance lined up and head to the dentist. you need attention there, in the mean time floss (get used to it), brush, use the new "Reach" brand mouthwash-it may help you rebuild a little tooth enamel (not enough to skip out on the dentist though) and dont chomp ice...but act soon b/c if you put off the "good doc" too long, youre looking at dentures my friend.

Yikes! Go to your dentist and ask him or her. Your teeth need to look good or you will not go far in life. Yuck. Go to the dentist NOW.

Ellen J
What you need to do is go see a dentist. Like right away, that is if you expect to keep those teeth. If you don't do something to stabilize them they will rot right out of your mouth.
Also, have you been brushing your teeth, flossing, rinsing your mouth with a good mouth wash? If you haven't then start!!
If you are in the US practically any dentist you go to could help with the problem. If you're somewhere else, I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what the quality of dentistry in other countries is.
Dental care is imperative because rotting teeth can pour poison into your system that can affect your heart and other organs. Not to mention that if your mouth is hurting your life is hell.
Go to the dentist right away.

Vitamins won't help you. Along with what bouncing molar says about fluoride I would also be getting the dentist to check on your saliva rate. Do you feel you have a dry mouth? If you do this could be contributing to your problem.

claudia .
You should go to the dentist and have them take a look at them. Just continue to brush and floss until then.

don't eat.

Its not a vitamin, but a mineral you could try is Fluoride. You can get it in a mouth wash from the chemist. This may help slow down the process if you rinse every day.

Fluoride, over time, becomes incorperated into the enamel, making it more resistant to acid and decay.

Your decay is caused by plaque (white gooey stuff that grows on your teeth after you eat). Plaque is made of bacteria. Plaque eats food and poos acid over your teeth which causes decay. (coke and other things can make plaque grow faster and do more damage)

Plaque left to grow on areas where you miss when you brush can cause decay in those areas (ie your gum line)

plaque on your gumline forms a protective layer against the Mouthwash. So if you want the fluoride to help your decay, you need to first brush the plaque away! This way the fluoride will be able to get into the right places (your gumline decay). Your gums may bleed at first when you clean the gumline, but that is because plaque makes your gums unhealthy. don't worry about the bleeding because that is normal :)

Additionally, as already mentioned a few times, decay will not reverse, so you may need to still get them fixed, even though you may have stopped them.

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