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jean d
I have 4 teeth left up top. Should I get them pulled and go with dentures?
My problem is I'M CHICKEN TO GO TO THE DENTIST!! My husband keeps telling me I'll have more self confidence if I go ahead and get dentures.

Duh, like maybe he's right?

If I were you I would definantly get dentures. I dont understand why people are so afraid of the dentist, I look for good teeth in people, says alot about how they care for themselves. I have to admit I was a little scared about getting my wisdom teeth removed on Fri. But it was no big deal at all, I cant talk much right now but I know I am fine, and I had no pain really. Just discomfort. I would always go to a oral surgeron and not just any dentist.

If you had gone to the dentist sooner, you'd have more than just 4 teeth left.

michael k
Yes,of course.You will look much better.I'm not exactly brave when it comes to dentists,but i got 6 out in one go,& it was just like having 1 out,so go for it.Good luck.

Please get over your fear and go. If you have lost all those other teeth due to gum disease, then you may need to lose the others as well. But, you need to know that gum disease can cause heart disease as well as strokes and other bad stuff you do not want. In this one instance, your hubby is 100% correct. You may not just be dealing with your looks. It could be a health problem. Get going and good luck!!

Don't be scared....It'll be fine once you go, and you'll feel silly for getting all worked up about it.

i love west virginny

you will enjoy the new found confidence that a new smile gives you. Dentist now days have become more compassionate to a patients needs. Especially when it comes to the ones that are afraid. I am sure you will be ecstatic with new the smile. Best of luck as always.

Top, yes this is probably the best route to go. Top dentures stay in well, but if you have problems on bottom get them fixed b/c it is much easier to wear an upper denture than lower. Lower teeth are better to save/wear a partial if necessary.

You need to get it done. You will feel so much better having full dentures. I have had nightmare visits to the dentist my whole life. After my 9 year old was born I lost my teeth completely. I have never been happier. No more nightmare visits to the dentist! It only took me 2 weeks to get used to my dentures. That was putting them in and not taking them out at all except to clean them. I have never been able to eat an apple, corn on the cop hard candy til I had my dentures. Best thing I ever did. Listen to your husband. Do it now while there is a break in holidays. I had mine done over christmas! I had my family singing all i want for christmas is my two front teeth to me that whole holiday! I look back on that and laugh now. It isn't as bad as you think. you have 4 teeth left to go. They can take those in one visit and have your dentures in the next. Go for it!

. W
Your husband is lying through his teef'.

Yes go for it! Be Brave and Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Why bother going to the dentist to get them pulled, if you just wait like you have up till now the other 4 will fall out or rot out anyway

no keep your teeth and go to the dentist my mom does that just tell them you are nervous or uncomfortable theyll go easy

Your husband is right of course. I had done just what he has suggested to you. Had 6 upper teeth removed and replaced with full upper dentures. Now I can't stop smiling at every opportunity. I should have had it done sooner.

You will soon learn of others who have dentures but did not see any point in telling all.

Oh yes, your afraid of the dentist eh. Just like everybody else. Frankly I took that opportunity to think of the most wonderful things that have ever happened to me. It helped.

Go for it (them) girl.

Absolutely, you will have much more self confidence! No one likes the dentist, but imagine what it would feel like for you to be able to smile again! I am only assuming you don't smile much now! ;)

I know it can be scary, but it will be over before you know it, and you can have a brand new life!

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

just go and get it over with, u will feel better not to have tooth aches. if anything u could always get porcelain veneers if u don't like dentures! good luck, u deserve a pretty smile!

Amy N
I was under the impression I would have to do the same thing. My dentist told me if its at all possible to keep your original teeth you should do so. They can put in partials and such and anchor them to those teeth. Once the original teeth are gone, the gums have nothing to protect them anymore. It can be terribly difficult (especially on lowers but somewhat on uppers) to get the fit correct. Also another friend did have that done, and he has to get new dentures after 3 years due to the loss of gums and wear from the dentures.

You definately should go to the dentists. You would not believe how much better you would feel. It took me years to go back... and I finish up my work tomorrow. It really does help the way you feel about yourself.

uhmm yes I would believe me u will look a whole lot better

Tony A
Your husband speaks the truth. In 1975 I had the whole of my front set removed in 2 sessions 2 weeks apart. Since then I am on my 3rd set of dentures and I have never had toothache.

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