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Does it hurt???????????

I hav a very loose tooth how do i pull it out?
it is hanging off the gum and it is very painful wat do i do?

how old r u well ok u just twist it until pop it should just come out of ur gums it will bled for a second but wat u do is gargul warm salt water it tast nasty put tottaly takes the bloody tast out of ur mouth hope it helps

are you stupid? pull it out fast.

Don't pull it out yourself because the dentist has special tools to do that. Go to your nearest hospital and get emergency treatment.

Give it a quick yank--no sense suggesting you grit your teeth lol.
Good luck. All else fails, go to your dentist.

If you are too chicken or can't take the pain just go to the dentist and have them numb it and pull it.

It's not as painful if you use a dry towel to pull it out.

Suzanne B
go to the dentist

have someone punch you.

Kelli in FL
If it is that painful then you should go see your dentist and have him numb it and then you can pull it or you can let him pull it. If you don't want to go to the dentist then go to the store and get some Orajel because that will numb your gums long enough for you to pull it out.

oliver m
first of all, how old are you? is this a baby tooth were talking about? if its a permanent teeth then go to a dentist. if its a baby tooth well if you tough enough go ahead do it. it will only hurt.

continue wiggling it until it is completely loose, garle with salt water to reduce swelling.

Lift it straight up--forcefully and quickly.

get some kite string and make a loop and put the loop around ur tooth then either find a kind hearted soul to pull on the other end of the string or tie it to a door and wait for some one to come in..... hope i anwsered ur ? thank u......

just yank it real fast like a bandaid

Val <3
you can either, go pull it out realy fast

or go 2 your dentist and it'll take like...5 min

You can try to physically remove it yourself, but if you have a dentist do it, it should be quicker and much less painful. People have done it both ways and it's just a matter of personal preference.

just pull get it over with

juz an ordinary gal :)
Just yank it real fast! Or numb it with ice, or baby orajel.

All I can say is just pull it out fast, the slower you do it, the more it'll hurt

take a paper towel wrap it around and twist and pull at the same time dosnt hurt as much

Well. I think that everyone ( as odd as it sounds ) enjoys the pain of pulling out your teeth. Maybe not so much for adults, but when I was losing teeth I loved playing with my teeth with my tongue until they popped out.

BUT, Quick and fast if it hurts that bad. Rinse with salt water after, its good for your mouth so I've been told.

Lindsey girl
Dental floss. Tie a knot around it and pull down.

if u pull it out fast u might seriously hurt urself. call ur dentist

Go to your dentist.

wow i havent lost a tooth in a long time. but what i used to do was when it was loose like u say it is i took my finger pointer and my thumb and gripped the bottom of the loose tooth and pinch your fingers together with ur tooth in the middle of it. its semi-quick and painless

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