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I drank A LOT of listerine mouth wash and was realllly dizzy?
I drank a lot of Listerine mouth wash and was really dizzy. I went to bed like that being really dizzy and then I woke up with my mouth really dry and still really dizzy. I drank some water and went back to sleep, and I woke up a little dizzy, then I went back to sleep and I woke up fine.
Will I be okay?
My stomach hurts like HELL, and feel like I am gonna throw up, and I have headache, and i can bearly talk.
Additional Details

Honey I suspect the dizzyness has nothing to do with the Listerine.

Gary H
Listerine is 21% alcohol. You're hung over.

Michelle - Dental Hygienist, USA
read the bottle before you use it.

tell your parents- they need to buy alcohol free mouthwash

call 911

is there sacristy of water in your place?

You are one can short of a six pack. Thats whats really wrong with you!!

Listerine has alcohol in it. therefore, if you're not use to drinking alcohol and you consume some, chances are you'll get drunk, sleep and have a hang over.

so watch your "Listerine" intake!

also, if too much is consumed it can and will severely damage your internal organs.

You were drunk. Listerine is mostly alcohol - that's why it kills germs. Welcome to the hangover.

Mouthwash has more alcohol in it than wine or beer so you might have a hangover from the stuff. How much did you drink? If you do it a lot beware it can do major damage to your internal organs. I saw an alcoholic on Intervention that was killing herself with the stuff. Don't drink anymore!!

You consumed a lot of alcohol. Listerine has a high alcohol content. That is why it burns when you swish it in your mouth. It sounds like you got a little intoxicated.


Sticky Wicket
Why would you drink Listerine? It's a mouth wash not a beverage. Anyways ... you should be fine.

lol. Listerine has alcohol in it. You're probably just feeling the effects of that alcohol. Why did you drink A LOT of it in the first place? You're supposed to swish and spit!

Nicole Sohma
HAHAHA that is really funny
you know your not suppost to drink it.
drink water, eat bread, and take a break from the mouth wash for a day or so.
yea, you may have some effects from the alcohol in it.
well, i hope you feel better
no more drinkin it
remember to spit it out.
drinking that stuff cant' be good for you.

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