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 Teeth problems?
teeth problems i have got a very painful tooth so i put rubbing alcohol and soaked my mouth like i heard that would stop the pain but it maid my mouth swell so now i can't open my mouth very ...

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 I keep getting sharp pains in two of my teeth it comes and goes like every 5 mins. is it signs of cavities?

 Hi, did everyone get there teeth out when they were getting braces?

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I grind my teeth at night
and my dentist said its because i have three teeth that are uneven
so he said i should go to a orthodontist
he said i prolly woudlnt need braces<...

 What is the going rate for a tooth from the tooth fairy ?

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 BAD TOOH ACHE !!!! Tried almost all remedies. Any help out there?
I have a tooth ache. Tried almost all home remedies I can find. Can't get into dentist until next week !!!!!!!!!! Jaw starting to show signs of swelling. H E L P !!!!
Additional D...

 Does get your tooth filled hurt?
im getting it done on cinco de mayo & i don't want it to hurt!
does your face get swollen or anything?...

 Why are there bumps on my lips and my tongue?

 Why is it not good to share toothbrushes?

 Can anyone help me?
my 7 yr old daughter as toothache ,as its the weekend i cannot get her to a dentist till monday, the poor thing is in pain, i have given her painkillers, does anyone know of another way of releiving ...

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How well do they work?...

 Should I have my wisdom teeth pulled out?
My wisdom teeth are coming out almost sideways, there is high risk for infection, but i've never heard of anyone acutally having an infection, my dad's came out a little bit sideways but he&...

 Dentist Phobia?
Two teeth killing me for two months now,,, i'm terrified of dentists, what can i do to get over it or make them stop hurting? no mean posts plz..i'm in agony here.
Additional Details<...

 Have any of you personally had all four fully bony wisdom teeth taken out?
I'm 23 and generally healthy, and I'd like to know what specifically to expect in my case, i.e.: Does the IV anesthesia really take a whole day to wear off?
How long will I be in pain ...

 I'm getting my teeth pulled out?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out soon. I'm super scared and I just wish that they could put my whole self to sleep with medicine but they said they could only put my jaw to "...

jeneila r
I dont make much money, do u know a dentist for poor people?
Im a single mom of 3 kids, we all need to go to the dentist, were all new here in the states. I was wondering if there's someone here who knows if we could apply for a low cost or a program from the government for dentist or something, i dont have insurance. please help. my tooth hurts.

Find out who your state rep is and they should be able to assist you. Good luck!

‚ô•I B JeSsIcA‚ô•
Look for clinica sierra vistas in your area... contact the medical aide offices. They will help you.

you can ask people in your juridiction,they can direct you to appropate place.

The Lesbianologist
Depends where you live. If your a legal resident of the USA, you can apply for Medicade for your children and for you.
I don't really believe in, but I will say it because its what I have been taught. Local Mormon bishops also can help with the cost of denists, etc. If it is needed. Go to them for assistance if your able to.

living dead girl
go to your local health department - they do dental,and its usually free.

*Miss Hollister Girly Girl*
No I don't. But dentistry's are expensive. Cuz of the work you get done, so maybe quit your job and get something with higher pay!

If you don't have insurance you need to make a visit to your Department of Social Services. Apply for medicaid, (pretty much free health care for children 18& under). If you don't qualify then scedule appointments at your local health department. Many offer dental services as well. All payments at the health department are based on a sliding scale according to your monthly income. You will find no cheaper place for health/dental care. Good Luck!!

Many dental school students, do dental work under supervision for a smaller fee. In the Dallas, Texas area, there is the Baylor Dental School. Look for one in your area.


A lot of big universities have programs where their student dentists work at discount prices. Also, some have a sliding fee scale. In Kentucky, for example, the University of Kentucky has a program in two cities where you can qualify for sliding scale fee and only pay $20.00 per visit (dentures not included), but great for fillings, extractions, etc. Good luck to you, I know what it feels like to suffer from dental pain. Also, if you're new here, have you tried to get Medicaid or anything like that? Also, ask your children's school guidance office, they may help you in finding a program. :)

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