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 I'm losing my teeth 1 by 1 and I'm scared of dentists. Should I just have them all out and get it over with?
I'm only 15, but I'm missing my front teeth and some in back already and the rest aren't that good. My grandma says bad teeth and gums run in the family. Can it really be from bad ...

 Will getting a cavity filled be painful?
Assuming I get the local anesthetic injection and maybe? gas.
Additional Details
a medium - deep sized ...

 I will be awake during the tooth extraction...Help...?
I am getting my top left...second to last one... pulled next Wednesday. How long will it take? I will be awake but numb. Will it hurt? and, for how long? Will Advil do the trick?

I am not ...

 How to get rid of red swollen gums?
I have been to the dentist 2 times this week for a check up and 4 fillings, anyways my gums are swollen hurt and are very red, how can i fix this myself?
Additional Details

 What to do about dry lips?
I just got braces about three days ago the bottom of my top lip (inside of mouth) is extremely dry..what can I do to help this problem? Those anyone else with braces have this problem?...

 How to get rid of bad breath?

 Im getting braces what pesific foods can i not eat?
my teeth r ...

 I have a tooth ache?
until i get 2 a denist what can i do? i have tried using orjel it don't work and i am on pain killers and a antibotic is there any thing else i can do?...

 Is it possible my molar tooth hurts so bad that even my ear and head hurt?
I have this constant pain all over the left side of my face (molar tooth, ear and head), I'm not sure what's the cause of it. Is it possible it's caused by a molar tooth or is it more ...

 How many times a year do u get your teeth professionally cleaned?

 Just realize that I am 30 and still no sign of wisdom teeth. is it common?

 Will baking soda have any side effects on your teeth??
Like decay?
Become smaller?
Break off?

Cuz I had a really scary dream last night......

 My 3 yr old was playing hard and fell and knocked out one of his baby teeth.?
Will a dentist be willing to put a fake tooth in its place? Its one of his front teeth and I hate that hes going to be without a tooth for at least a few years.
Additional Details
I took ...

 How do you treat an abscess..?
I had a bad toothach for about a month and now my jaw is swollen....about the size of a golf ball...I have some antibiotics and some pain pills but other than that....any suggestions?...

 How to give 4 year old codeine tablet? He wont swallow it?!?
Doctor prescribed for a bad toothache, until he gets into see the Dentist monday. I just don't know how to make him swallow it. It is pretty big..I can crush it, but what do I mix it with?? Won&#...

 What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?
My teeth have become very sensitive to hot and cold and Iv got really bad toothache. Iv looked my symptoms up online and I may have gingivitis so I also need to know of a good mouthwash/floss to use?...

 When having BRACES do you have to have teeth REMOVED?
Erm... im pretty scared in case they say i need teeth ...

 Who has better teeth?
Someone who hasn't seen a dentist in 5 years but brushes 3 times a day and flosses daily.
Someone who only brushes their teeth once a day, does not floss regularly, but sees a ...

 Can tooth pain cause earaches?

 I got braces on 3 months ago as an adult and my teeth hurt all the time is this normal?
Orthodontist is highly recommended. He put a new kind of wire on my bottom teeth that make them move faster but they hurt all the time. My top teeth have the ceramic braces and they are not so bad. A...

I didn't wear my retainers and my teeth moved back! help!!!?
i didn't wear my retainers for a night and my front teeth moved the back the way they were before !!! is there anything I can do??? do I need braces again? oh btw, I just got them off wednesday and on friday I forgot to wear them at night...

You are supposed to wear your retainers and there is nothing WE can do to help.

: Well you schould put them back and they will move back in plac dont worry. if they moved to much got to the doctor

you'll probably need them for twice as long now.

first dont panic just go back to the dentist and he will help u =)

Don't Worry About It Just Try It On To See If It Fits And If It Doesn't Go To The Dentist To Have It Rejustied. And If That Doesn't Work Then You Will Need Braces For a Short Amount Of Time Maybe 2 More Weeks =]

wear them all day for the next couple days till they go back. if they dont move back you may need braces.

bad choice...i did this too. my teeth shifted slightly so i didnt really need to get them fixed, but if yours are all the way back to what they used to be, they will probably want to put braces back on you...this happened to a friend of mine...

tht's why you need to wear your retainers! have your paren take you back to the dentist! To re -adjust

New Shews
No, just get the bloody retainer back in your mouth. What do you think they made it for!

You should be wearing your retainers 24/7 for the first year at least. Then wearing them at night for the rest of your life. This is cheap insurance so that you don't end up in the dental office in your 30's, have kids who need braces and your teeth are back to where they were before. See it every day!

Ask your mom for help. We are all human and forget things from time to time.

Should have listened to the dentist....

It's a trip back to them for you!

I don't really think thats possible!

I went on a 2 week vacation this summer and I forgot my retainers at home. My teeth were fine and my retainers fit when I got back home.

Since its Sunday, you can't go to the orthodontist, but I would suggest calling them tomorrow morning. Ask them what to do and be honest about not wearing them.

For now, try to fit them back in your mouth. If they don't fit after a few minutes, don't force it! There really expensive to replace.

Just try to get your retainers back in, it'll hurt when you do get them in but you just have to deal with the pain lol. if you can't force them in, go to your orthodontist and have them loosen the retainer a little for you. i doubt you'll have to get braces again.

Well because you just got them so soon put your retainers back in and it will be painful but the teeth will go back.

Don't be an idiot like me and not wear your retainers because my teeth are now crooked!

Did they move so much that your retainer doesn't fit anymore? It took me *months* of not wearing mine before my teeth moved that much.

Well, try fitting your retainer back in and keep wearing it, if it doesnt fit, then see your dentist immediatly so your teeth dont move more

Put the retainer on and only remove it to eat and to clean your teeth. Your teeth are mobile right now and need to be held in one position by your retainer until they have tightened up with new bone filling in around them over the next few months. After awhile you will be able to go to just night wear. Try not to forget it again, as it will slow down the time for when you can go to just nights. The teeth will shift back when you place the retainer in, you won't need braces all over again. But if you continually leave the retainer out, your teeth will shift back to their pre-braces position. Don't forget it anymore.

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