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http://www.nexusmagazine http://www.truthaboutspl Details

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I cant afford to go to the dentist how do i get rid of a tooth pain?

If its a wisdom tooth, don't try to take it out yourself. You can damage your jaw and if it not, go ahead and take it out if you want.

you can melt an aspirin on the tooth that's hurting you or you can by this gel at drug stores that you put around the gum and it takes the pain away.

hope this helped!

I have found that taking sinus medecine helps tremendously until I can get to the dentist. SOmetimes it is inflamed sinuses or sinusitis that is actually putting pressure on a bad tooth. Worked many a time for me. I use the green TYleno and allergy................or generic green sinus pain pills. It has something in it that drys the fluid causing pressure up.

You can try "Oragel." It's sold over the counter. But you know it won't fix your problem. Eventually , you will have to see the dentist. Don't turn into an alcoholic before you go!!

try a dental school

Please describe this pain.

if you go to the pharmacy, there is like.. a gel that you can buy that will temporarily numb the pain, so later on, once you get the money, you can go to the dentist.

Just go to the dentist, if you ignore the problem now it will only get worse. Some dentist will take payment plans you can afford and if you get lucky you can find a dental school in your area that will treat you for only about half of what a dentist office will charge. Tooth pain means that it is already down to the nerve so don't let this go untreated or you'll need a root canal.

it won't help your teeth in the long run but you can gargle with peroxide. it won't hurt you some toothpaste even has it in it.

you can also gargle with wrm salt water

rotate laying on a heat paid and ice pack.

none of theese three things will solve the problem permantly but, it might help for a short term solution

If you have nerve pain, from a cavity, and you continue to let it go, it will get bad enough that you may end up going to the ER which costs mucho dinero.

You may need a root canal, and prob dental work. If you dont mind the idea of using a good pair of pliars, and wiskey, you shoud buy dental insurace now, it only costs 24$ a month at most. That is not that much money! It usually takes 6mo for fillings to a year to kick in, for big procedures like crowns and root canals.
A cavity that might need a simple filling now, will get worse if you let it go, the cavity can deepen so that nerve is exposed and the dental pulp in the tooth becomes infected, you will need a root canal and a crown, $1700 and the tooth can become abcessed and that is a bad thing. At that point the pain is so bad. Thats what happend to me, so take heart.

Go get X-rays, see what the dentist says the minimum you can do and wait till the insurance kicks in and then get the root canal etc. Also ask your family if they can lend you money for the x-rays and initial visit. This is the best advice. You can arrange payments with the dentist, you dont have to pay them all right away, What do you think other people do??? Also for pain relief today take advil, and gargle with listerine, floss, and try chewing on the other side, avoid candy and hot cold foods, things that may ingure teeth, like ice cubes.

I recently had $ 6200.00 worth of dental work cause I was poor and waited too long, the dentist said it could have been prevented if I had gotten simple, 150$ fillings when the pain first began! Thats a big Ouch!

Please don't put aspirin on the tooth or surrounding tissue! This can cause a "burn" on the tissue and does nothing for the possible infection. Tooth pain can have many different causes, can you describe the pain? In the event that you are sure this is coming from a decayed tooth, please at least see your doctor or go to the ER if you cannot get to the dentist, they can prescribe antibiotics to at least get the infection under control. This will help only temporarily though, the infection will return with more virulent bacteria the longer you put off getting the tooth taken care of. Infection in a tooth can spread throughout your body and be very dangerous! Perhaps your area has a dental clinic or a dental school you can visit? They offer services at a much lower cost. Good luck!

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