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scarlet s
okay so i have had my braces on for about three years now.. i got them when i was in 6th grade. they told me its not going to be long before i get my brace taken off... my friend recently got her braces off.. she said that when they did it, it sounds like they are ripping your teeth out.. every time i go to the orthadontist to get them changed or whatever i am scared as hell when they do anything with there metal instruments they use to adjust them... i dont know how i am going to be able to contain myself when i am sitting there listing to it.

Ask them if they would let you use your music player or ipod during the procedure. Music has a way with calming the nerves, and you can turn it up so you cant hear the drill.

wow, i hope u do well ill pray for you, good luck! :)

If you are to chicken to take them off, then keep them on. Where is the dilema?

NO! It doesn't hurt at all!! They use this special tool thingy and it does not hurt at all. Give a very gently tap with your nail on your teeth, that's about all you will feel!! Good luck

I hear your concern. If you are really that afraid of getting them removed, you should instruct the orthodontist to let you keep them forever.

If you don't want to keep your braces forever, you might ask if you could wear an iPod or some kind of personal listening device for the big day. 90 minutes before your appointment, you can take advil, sleeping pills, nyquil, sudafed night time, pick any over the counter magic pill. It won't eliminate your anxiety, it will just numb it, and that should be enough.

And also, focus on the benefits of not having braces. You can eat corn, chew gum, have unlimited big gulps full of Mountain Dew. You can have ice cream sandwiches without looking like the centerfold in the Big Book of British Smiles.

So while you sit there and feel as though they are ripping out your teeth, just remember, in less than one hour, you will have perfect, go anywhere, eat anything, pearly whites that will have men and boys hurling themselves at your feet.

Cassie w
I'm the biggest baby when it came to getting my braces adjusted...
I just got them removed 10 days ago and I was terrified. I had nightmares that they broke off all of my teeth trying to remove the brackets...
The only thing that hurt was when they took the brackets off of my front bottom teeth, it didn't reallly hurt I just felt more pressure there.
Like everyone said it's a piece of cake and you are worrying for nothing! Just close your eyes and don't look at the freaky instruments they put in your mouth.
When they were taking the glue off and polishing them I didn't feel a thing. It just smelled bad and sounded like 5000 nails scraping down a chalk board.

♥Hated Teenager♥
they're just taking the glue off of your teeth, nothing to worry about, they had to do it to me once because a bracket came off but you'll be fine, the sound is a little ...awkward...though, take ibuprofen.

Advice.....take a few advil or whatever before you go.....it is somewhat painful.....but don't be scared because the final result will be so worth it.....it's not really the taking off the braces that is painful, but when they clean the teeth to get all the glue off - to me that was uncomfortable...maybe try taking headphones or whatever to listen to, becuase it was the noise that got to me the most...try to relax, being nervous will only make it more uncomfortable for you....remember, when you are done, just smile!!! Good Luck.....

Its not bad at all.. it felt amazing to have them off.

gale c
it's really not bad when u get ur braces off, it sounds scary but it isn't.. just remeber this. when they start taking them off and small pieces goes on your tongue just take it off with your fingers and giveit to the dentist.. good luck

vo e
I would say your too scared right now ... learn to relax and take it slow ... What I usually do is joke around with it ... say something like " now its my turn " or something ... relax!! ... just think positive ... you will have those evil weapons o' death off ... and you can smile as much as you want ..

i got my braces off a few months ago and it was the best day ever! it only hurts a little bit but not while they are taking them off. it does sound weird but its not too bad. don't worry about it! just think about how good your teeth will look afterwards. getting them off was a lot better than getting them on. taking off the brackets doesnt take long at all and it didn't sound like my teeth were being ripped out either. at least not for me and im sure it won't be for you also. don't worry at all!!

flip flop freak :)
dont worry about a thing!!!!! I got my braces off about 2 months ago and it felt great...yes, it will feel wierd because you wont feel the brackets on you....but think of the perfect smile you will have! An upgrade to your face almost!!good luck!

it doesnt hurt, my nine year old brother got his off with out any tears...

the only thing that may be uncomfortable is the pressure that they apply when taking the brackets off.

good luck!

You know, sometimes friends need to keep their opinions to themselves. I don't remember much about getting my braces off, but if it had made such a horrible impression, I'd surely have horrible memories. Truth is, different orthodontists do different things and everybody has different experiences with practically all dental, orthodontic and medical procedures. Just wait till you're older and you get pregnant (if you're female). Good God, people need to quit scaring you. It's not that big a deal and you'll have these gorgeous, straight teeth in the end. My advice: take people's stories and advice with a grain of salt. Some people over-dramatize things and some people are just more sensitive about things. I've known lots of people who've had braces and nobody ever mentioned ripping sounds as part of the whole removal process. Don't even worry about it because you'll be fine. Then you can tease your friend about being a baby.

life is good
It doesn't sound like they are ripping your teeth out..that would be FAR worse!!! All that happens is they remove the little things that hold on the wire. Then they remove the wire. Then they use this tool that grabs onto the brackets on your teeth and remove it with one swift movement. You sometimes hear a little crack, but it's JUST the glue!!! Then they remove any glue residue and fit you for your retainer. It's SOOO much better than having braces on, you'll feel silly for being scared to get them off. I promise :)

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