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mind are ...

I am 21, and all my wisdom teeth have not come out yet?
just like 1 and a half of them have come out.
I've heard people younger then me that they already have the all them out . is this normal?
Additional Details
they have not popped trought the skin in my mouth

lol =)

Wizdom teeth don't come out you have to get your dentist to pull them, they're like teeth that grow permanentely, ask your dentist for a pan screening and see if they will bother you for the rest of your life or if you should keep them in.

The_Learner 100%
it´s a pleassure to me leave you a star, because you know that I don´t know to much english.

so I know you could do whatever are your objetive and achieve it.

a beautiful and nice girl like you can do whatever in their life.
take care linda.

My husband has never had a problem with his and he's 34.

norm is subjective. as long as it causes no pain, then don't mess with it. my haven't come out either.

Lil lady
they are probly impacted and you will need to have them removed

lucrexia(colombia es bella)
they could not come .
some people don´t have them.
or come out later.
my mother ´s wisdom teeth came when she was 34 yrs.
anyway,ask to your dentist for a x ray and see what is wrong

Kodi [Three Days Grace Week]
I am only 12 years old, but I know that this is perfectly natural. My mom is 44 and shes still getting hers ! Don't worry though.. having them isn't much fun especially when you have to get them pulled... I hear it hurts really bad. I am getting two of mine... It took a while and one isn't even half way through.

But don't worry. You'll be fine, plus widsom teeth are mainly for if there is missing tooth in the back of your mouth, that tooth sort of "fills the gap" because it is supposed to be like a replacement tooth.

As I said, nothing to worry about, everybody is different !

Have a good one !

la$t drinx$
unless their giving" curry "leave them alone

yes it is it may be that u won't have any...there are ppl who just don't have them ;) i'm 23 and don't have any :P and dental medicine student :))

if you mean coming through the gums, it took mine 7 years for them all to come through. I still have all of mine and I am 53

it is normal, I know plenty people that get them when they 30 and up including myself.

Wisdom teeth usually erupt between 17-22. It is possible that they will still come in. It is also possible that they are impacted. They may not have enough room to erupt.

Not sure what you mean by "come out", if they've popped through the skin in your mouth, or if you've had them removed?

If they haven't popped through the skin yet, that's usually because they might be impacted and there is no where for them to fit, so you'll eventually have to get them removed.

If you mean you haven't gotten them removed yet, it's okay, but I'd get it done soon, the longer you wait, the worse it'll be, I just had mine out at 24 and it was horrible because I waited so long, the teeth were a lot stronger and more embedded in the bone. So don't wait too long!! I should have gotten it done when I was your age.

Yes it's normal, i turn 22 next week and i have 2 1/2 showing, and the rest is coming through slowly. They are giiving me horrible headaches. Im getting them removed ASAP! but yes my boyfriend is 24 and he only has 2 showing.

I am 28 and mine never erupted, but my dentist still recommended I get all 4 removed because they can affect your other teeth. I got them removed, and recovered perfectly. My dentist recommended getting them before I turned 30. He said that your bone density changes after then, and it is easier to heal if you get them removed before you are 30. To answer your question, I think not having your wisdom teeth erupt is normal. Mine didn't either. :)

It is in some people. Don't worry, sometimes they don't come out at all. It's got nothing to do with your intellect, they just call them wisdom, because they come out when people are already mature. If they don't come , be happy, because they last to come and first to go. Just hassles and pain.

Totally normal. I'm a good bit older than you, and none of my wisdom teeth have really come in, much less had to come out. I have two that have started coming in, and my dentist said that so far they are coming in straight, not impacted, and the other two will probably never come in. My dad was the same way -- his didn't start to come in until he was in his late 30's, and then it was only two of them (and neither was impacted). My dentist said that this is unusual, but not abnormal. Wisdom teeth don't always come in, they don't always come in before you're 21, and they don't always get impacted. Get regular dental check-ups to be sure they're coming in ok, and stop worrying. Wisdom teeth are evolutionary left-overs -- people don't need them. What doesn't hurt you doesn't need fixing!

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