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 I have braces, im 13, and i got this thing on my gums [pic included]?
it hurts
it hasnt been goin away
and i dont know what it is
is it an infected cut or what?

here it is:
anyone have a clue?

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I'm having root canal on tuesday - how bad will it hurt?

Sir Sidney Snot
Should hurt at all if he/she's a good dentist!

Mr Chops
It will hurt sooooooooooooo bad,,it will make you scream in agony and make you beg the dentist to stop,,not to mention the acrid smell of the drilling,,yes the drilling deep into your tooth,,deeper and deeper till you faint with the pain,,still it could be worse,,he might have Radio 3 going in the background

Not a very fun procedure but if the dentist is good you should have mild pain! It also depends on your pain tolerance. If it's low, you might want to tell your dentist that. He will probably give you a stronger pain pill. BE CAREFUL, those things make you very drowsy. You will be sore but mind over matter! Good Luck!

charolette r
i thought it would be bad,but i felt nothing just make sure they do an exray at the end to make sure they got all the roots out, somethimes they leave a piece in and it will get infected

as long as you have enough anaesthetic you wont feel a thing. after just make sure you have ibuprofen or another good pain killer to hand. good luck

I am having mine done on Tuesday too...soooo will be thinking of you
Ta Ta

it depends on the skill of the dentist preforming the procedure and it should be more uncomfortable that painful

sweety m
well root canaling doenot cause a lot of pain it just pains 4r 3-4hrs n then it will be perfectly ok n when the mixture comes out it will pain n try the same thing well better luck 4r ur rootcanaling

Ask for gas and you wont feel any pain and it will relax you. I had one and I would ask for gas again if I had to have another one it really made a difference.

wit h the adequate Lidocaine - it's won't hurt during. Afterwards it'll be somewhat sore - but I can bear it with no drugs. So don't be a crybaby - and take it like an adult.!!!!!

Kelly m
I believe that it is up to individual interpretation. I myself have gone through one nine years ago. I think it also might depend on the dentist that performs it. It actually felt pretty sore for a little while, but I am sure the doctor will prescribe you some tylenol or motrin. I actually had two root canals back to back one month and also extractions. Wasn't a great month for me. Good luck, kid!

Oh man, this would be a KILLER if you weren't all doped up...but your jaw will be anesthetized so you won't feel much, just some pressure maybe. When the Novocaine wears off you will probably have some discomfort for a day or so, but nothing that an OTC pain reliever won't take care of. Not to worry!

It shouldn't hurt at all. Though it will be uncomfortable - it feels like your dentist is drilling into your brain (or through the bottom jaw)

you wont feel a thing I have had it done 3 times and once i get it frozen i feel nothing - good luck and relax you will be fine .

I spent years being paranoid about going to the dentist. They are so much better these days. No good dentist will hurt you. Be brave and you will get through it OK. Best of luck to you.

These people know what they are talking about.
Fear not little one.....

Free cloud loafer
It's more very uncomforatble than painful during the treatment .Afterwards it can be a bit sore but the thought of it is worse than the actuality.
You'll be fine.

hey culligan man
I had a root canal about a year ago and it wasn't that bad. My dentist gave me a cover for my eyes and head phones to listen to. It's the sound that is painful, but with the headphones it really helped. You should ask your dentist if they offer this and if not then ask if you can bring your own.

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