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How should you brush your teeth?
In little circles or an up and down motion? I'm doing it in little circles. My old orthodontest said do in in circles.

I work in a dental office. Brush in circles for at least three minutes. The correct method is called the Bass Brushing Method, look this up and you will find more detailed information on the proper way to brush.

little circles are good especially up at the gumline . i always say kind of massage at the gumline gently. make sure you touch every surface of the tooth

Get yourself one of those cheep little electric battery operated toothbrushes that goes around in circles and is round. That will get the job done, no sweet.

it sounds dumb but now they're saying circles are bad because in the long run your gums will recede bad. You're supposed to do side to side and then top to bottom but never back up....yeah seemed dumb to me to til I saw the pictures of the old ladies with REALLY nasty teeth. Hope that helps! lol

Actually, you should do it at 45 degree angles (which circles cover). Check out the Colgate or Aqua Fresh websites for How To Brush Your Teeth 101.

So we all agree little circles, just don't brush them like your shining your boots as you can wear down the enamel.

One thing you should remember is the bristles are meant to get into the pockets between teeth and gums. so split the brush 50/50 between gums and teeth at 45 degrees

The toothbrush should be at a 45 degree angle towards the gums, so the the bristles can get under your gums and remove plaque. Don't brush hard, it takes very little pressure to remove plaque. I listed a link that has instructions on proper brushing. It is hard to describe without being able to demonstrate.

Deborah C
I was told down from the gumline.also brush for at least five minutes because no one takes long enough to clean their teeth as well as they should,floss also.

Mickey Fangirl
in circles my orthodontist told me that too

last time my dentist said tooth by tooth in circles also the gum (because gengivitis) and the back part o fthe teeth

mks 7-15-02

Either, just dont do side to side lol

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