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How many teeth may be extracted at one time??

Additional Details
i have a consultation with an oral surgeon the 25th, to discuss how many will be extracted the cost etc..

My dentist would only extract teeth from one side at a time from the lower jaw. But this was because they numbed my teeth, and numbing both sides at once would be hazardous. (I wouldn't be able to tell how hard I was biting my tounge. Ouch.)

as many as you have.

When my grandpa got dentures, the did his top set of teeth first, then weeks later did the bottom set. They don't remove all of your teeth because you need to be able to eat, and there is swelling involved, so if you remove too many not only will you have to be on a liquid diet, but you will be in some pain.

insurance questionnaire

$parkling Diamond$
shouldn't be more than 4 (too much pain and swelling)

you can have all of your teeth extracted at one time...but this must be done by an oral surgon.

all of them

It all depends on how much bone you have left. We pulled two teeth last week with a twist of the wrist and our fingers. in 10 seconds flat. After providing anesthesia ofcourse. In theory even if you have all the bone and no periodontal disease you could pull them all, but practically it has to be what is deemed best by the oral surgeon.

good luck

All of them can be extracted,because years ago my mom had all of hers pulled at once.

Up to 32, I'd think.

But I don't know for sure.

An oral surgeon can extract all of your teeth at one visit. If you have all 32 teeth, then 32. It really depends on how many you are needing to have extracted. Are they being extracted for braces and you need more room for space? Or, do you have poor dentation? I had 4 pulled at one time for braces. Then had my wisdom teeth surgically removed.

I have had four at one time done, on each side.
I had impacted wisdom teeth and then broken teeth from a tongue ring. (Bad bad bad Idea Kidos)
They could not be saved. So I don't have any back teeth... fun fun.
Having them pulled at once was better than my last filling when the dentist hit my tooth nerve...Ouch ouch ouch.
I had to get a root canal and feeling much better.
If you do need that many pulled... do one side at a time and give yourself at least three weeks between each procedure.

As many as need to be. I had 16 pulled at once. And another 8 a week later. I was given Valium before hand and managed fine. The reason for the week in between was my personal choice - the doc would have done them all if I had wanted.

you can have all 32 teeth extracted at one appt. you will need to go to an oral surgeon to do this.
i know this because i'm a dental assistant

How many do you have?

(They extracted my last 12 in one sitting.)

you can go with 4

My husband had 5.

They don't like to put more then 6 or 7 at any one time unless they are taking them all out for false teeth.

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