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How long will my mouth hurt after root canal?
I had to go to the dentist this morning because I had toothache, he said the tooth was badly decayed and he had to do a root canal on it. The local anaesthetic has worn off now and it's quite painful - not like the terrible toothache I had before, more of a dull achey pain. I know it's probably just because of the work that was done on the tooth, but how long should I expect it to last for? And can I take pain killers for it? What's best to take?

At least 4 months. I'm a dentist.

bharat b
The tranquilizer effect will go away in six hours or so, and THEN you will feel the actual pain.

The pain is because the tooth has been physically detached from the jaw bone.

maximum 2 days of mild pain. But keep yourself busy with redio,books, TV ,ie, dont give much thought to the pain.

Dont trouble trouble, otherwise trouble will trouble you.

Have a nice rest. All the best.

take every 4 hours 2 paracetamol
for one day
tomorrow the pain will be gone
done it myself before

Everyone is different so it is hard to say how long it will take for the pain to go away, usually in my experience it has taken a few days for the pain to die down, however if the pain gets worse go back & see your dentist so he/she can check your tooth. Yes you can take painkillers im not sure what country u r in so ask your local pharmacy what they recommend.

hope you feel better soon.

p.s i have had root canal myself so i know how you feel

I just had one about 2 months ago on a back lower tooth and the dull achey pain just recently went away. I thought that he dentist had done something wrong because it took so Long for it to start to feel normal. Just take some Advil or Aleve and wait it out. It will get better everyday :)

I haven't had a root canal but I got 4 fillings done a month ago and they hurt for a few days afterwards (they were really big fillings so it's probably a bit like a root canal) and two of them still hurt now. If it's really bad you should probably phone your dentist in case something has gone wrong, but otherwise ibuprofen works quite well, well it did for me anyway.

i had 4 root canals done at the same time, my pain went away after 5 days, though if i bite something hard on that particular tooth it hurts like a b/tch, just ask your dentist to prescribe ibuprofen 600mg its great stuff, takes the pain away in like 5 minutes!

Expect discomfort for 24-48 hours after a root canal. Ibuprofen 800mg every 6-8 hours will take care of it. Good luck

It should only hurt after the numbing wears off. A root canal kills your tooth. There shouldn't be any nerve endings in it anymore. You should feel nothing, except the shot areas. I have had 4 root canals.

It doesnt they take out the nerves. call your doc.

In my experience only a day or two. But I would call the dentist for a mild pain killer so you can at least sleep tonight.


I took Aleve for about 3 days or so and it worked great. It's an anti-inflammatory and pain killer so it worked nicely.

Shelby Cobra
my boyfriend had one done the day after Christmas. his infection was really bad though and he was in less pain after the surgery. After though only like a few days and he took some prescription pain meds.

Dana G
When I had to have a root canal it took approx. 3 days. Just make sure you do not chew on the side of the root canal. Just follow your Dr's. advice, it will be oK.

The soreness will last a day or 2. Try Advil, Aleve or Motrin.

I had a root canal on both of my two front teeth, it'll ache for a couple of days. Try taking some advil, it helped me.

Um to the dentist, honey, I've had both of my two front teeth replaced with crowns, and it didn't hurt more than a few days for any single procedure; If you're making your clients hurt for 4 months, you need to find another profession.

Brad Z
Call him to get a script for the pain.. or just take a shitload of Advil... Like 4 or IB profren.. Far as the pain goes... depends on you, could be duller by tonight OR could last a few days if there is infection present :)

I have had 2 root canal one at the age of 15 and another at 25. The one at the age of 15 hurt like a B***h, after it was done i was in such pain for about 3 days until I returned to his office because I just couldn't take the pain anymore, i couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, i was Miserable!! - Well, it turns out the stupid dentist had not completely removed everything and that was the cause of the pain, he then didn't want to go back in, I guess due to the likelihood of infection or just because he didn't know what to do (who knows!) but he referred me to a surgeon to remove the whole tooth, who thank God was marvelous, the minute i sat in his chair he took good care of me, he was gentle and patient and gave me the 'laughing gas', after the procedure he gave me a prescription to take for the pain--- I took it for about 3 or 5 days and I felt no pain!!!
Needless to say after that incident w/ my dentist i changed dentists and a few years later when i had another root-canal it was a breeze, he did the procedure painlessly and then told me to take x-tra strength Tylenol if needed and i did for about 2 days and I did not feel a thing!!----
It all depends on what kind of dentist u have- If the over the counter drugs don't work for you then go back to the dentist or your primary physician and get a prescription for pain killers or get your mouth checked out! Good luck!

Call him back and tell him you're in pain. He should have prescribed something in the first place. My dentist gave me 800mg Motrin, which is basically super-strength Advil. It'll be achy for 2-3 days. He should have instructed you to call him back if it still hurts after a week.

Seriously, medical care has dwindled in the last 10 years. What is UP with doctors forgetting to tell their patients important information like this?

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