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How long should a toothbrush last for?
My toothbrushes usually last 2-3 weeks before all the bristles get frayed. Shouldn't they last longer?

You are suppose to change your toothbrush each time you have a dental check-up, usually every 6 months. BUT if you start seeing wear and tear its time to replace :)

Maybe your buying too soft of a brush, Mine could go for 6 months, But I change them all in the house every 3 months. I keep the brush and use it for little jobs, that I can't reach with my hand, it works great.

mia w
About 3 months.

3 months

You're pushing too hard....cut it out or you're going to do some damage to your teeth or gums.

mine lasts for a bout 4 months! i buy expensive ones with hard bristles.


they say that you should alway change your toothbrush with in at least 3 months and if you get sick you might want to change it before you use it again so that you won't have a relap on the sickness...get a good one and see if it does the same thing

Kailyn Q
They should last 2-3 months. 3 months max (should replace it then anyways).

You are most likely brushing too hard which can be very bad. It can cause damage to your gums and teeth (beats the entire purpose of brushing to begin with). I'd suggest trying an electric toothbrush (they are cheap now, I have an oral b i just got for 7$) and not using much pressure. If you chew on it then stop, that isn't good either. Brushing hard also will not clean your teeth any better, studies have proven this.

By the way, do NOT switch to a medium or hard toothbrush to prevent this. A toothbrush that is too hard will also cause tooth and gum problems similar to brushing too hard. Always use a soft toothbrush and use minimal pressure. And be sure to floss as to not get periodontal disease!

mary j
You mast have ruff edges on your teeth.

You are brushing too hard or biting/chewing on it.
A toothbrush should last a long time but should ideally be replaced after 3 months because of bacteria buildup.

There's supposed to last 6 months.

You may be brushing too hard.

Crazy Cat Lady &gt;^..^<
3 months max

30 days

I've heard your supposed to replace them every six months

julie z
like 3 months

irish eyes
you are probable brushing too hard, on average then should still look good but be replaced about once a month due to germs.

Karenina (:
Mine usually last me a LONG time but I throw them out after like 3 months, this is what ur supposed to do. So yea they should last longer, 3 months!


Yes, they should last about 6 months. It's possible that you may be brushing too hard or you should invest in a better quality brand such as Oral B. They do have soft, medium, or hard bristles and the hard ones may benefit you better.

road runner
quit chewing on it and it will last longer.. most toothbrushes last about 2 to 3 months for most people.. at least they are cheap

Perhaps someone is messing around with it and then putting it back.

your best friend
You should use a soft bristle toothbrush & change it every 3 months. You should not brush too hard...you can wear away tooth enamel. The soft bristles are needed to bend easily to clean properly up under the gumline.

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