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How long does it take for wisdom teeth to come through properly and stop hurting?
My wisdom teeth have been coming through for about 2 years. It is really painful, they really hurt for a few weeks then stop for a while then it comes back again. Is it normal for them to take so long?

Mine took about 5 years before they stopped hurting on and off!

Ibuprofen and mouthwash from the dentist to stop infection eased things a bit.

Jill B
See a dentist!

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:


Mine have taken about 3 years and are still coming through. I've had ear ache, throat ache, ulcers and infections which have all really hurt. You should get a mini brush from your dentist to brush the wisdom teeth (or place where they're coming through) and that should really help with the pain. Also get an anti bacterial mouth wash (Listerine orange is good!). The wisdom interspacial brush shown in the link below is the one I have! The pain is probably caused by your normal toothbrush being too big for you to brush the back properly!

Zelda Hunter
Go get them checked out by local oral surgeon. You may have impacted wisdom teeth that cannot come in properly and need to be removed. This procedure is so easy, an I had no swelling at all. I just put ice packs on my jaws for about 8 hours after the surgery.

im 44 it took mine for ever and hurt like hell I feel for you

my wisdom teeth came through a while ago. I Seem to remember they took a long time to work their way past my gums and that caused a mild irritating pain. I would go and see your dentist they should be able to advise you on whether you need them pulling out.

Barbie Girl
Hi emmie - Im 26 and have been 'teething' with my wisdom teeth for 10years now! All 4 of mine are impacted and Im now waiting for surgery on them (stupid previous dentist never bothered with them!) Some people are just unlucky in that their wisdom teeth never come through properly, I think its a hereditary thing. Your best bet is to see your dentist when youre having a bad 'attack' so they can see just what the situation is. Good luck!

It took mine over two years of pain... they still irrate. I never had any problems with my teeth until i had my wisdoms... if you dentist will have them out.

it never happens for a lot of people, that's why most get them pulled out.

Get them pulled. Pay the money.... it's not worth the years of pain and possible earaches you're going to go through waiting for wisdom teeth to break through the gums!!!

i takes a while for them to come through, sometimes ages. If they cant come through properly and they are hurting you might have to get them pulled out like i did. They are a painful thing if they are not coming through, but if they are hurting for a while then I would suggest you go to the dentist and find out if they are needing to be pulled.

Mine started to grow through about 2 year ago and still are. They dont hurt now much tho. Have a word with your dentist, you may have to get them removed!!! Ouch

Get them removed, they are probably impacted if they are taking so long...

Also, they are probably knocking all your other teeth out of line?

I'd get them out dudette, even though it bloody kills ya to do so, do it. It will be worth it, and you will get at least a week to 10 days off work!!!!!


it may take upto many months or even years ....

just use some pain killers ... if that doesn't help, get it extracted

My dentist removed the tooth next to each wisdom tooth ( 4 in total ) , at the time i thought he was mad, but ive had no probs .. and i now have some very strong back teeth.

Yeah, mine have been growing gradually for the last 2 years or so, I am just getting my last one...although none of them hurt at all. They do generally take a while to come through, but if your worried and the pain is unbearable, see your dentist.

yup. I'm in a great deal of pain at the moment with my bottom left one. My top two came through no problem at all, but this bottom left one has been taking literally YEARS and sometimes hurts, then stops. At the minute it is absolute AGONY!!! I have an abcess on it at the moment and I swear the only time I've felt pain so bad was when I had my ectopic pregnancy. Even normal labour wasn't this painful!!!!!

See the dentist, see if he can give you any advice. I'm going on Wednesday THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!

Wisdom teeth usually get removed before they come up. Most people don't have room for their wisdom teeth in their mouth and need to get them removed otherwise it causes a lot of problems and pain. Some people are lucky and can leave them in. I had mine removed and I don't know if you need them removed or not but I would see a dentist if possible.

No they shouldn't , If they aren't out by now you need to go to the dentist , there might be two problems.
One your gum is thick so he need to make something called "window" for the tooth to come out but don't worry it doesn't hurt .
Two there isn't enough space for your wisdom tooth to come out that why you need to pull it out and again I did that it doesn't hurt if the dentist is a good one and they already give you something for the pain.
hope you feel better

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