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Miss Melody
How long do it take for your mouth to heal after getting your teeth pull?
I went to the dentist a year ago when I was 15 almost 16. The dentist said I had no cavaties, He also said that my mouth was small (not in those words) and if my wisdom teeth grow they might become a nuisance. Well a year later I had 4 cavaties filled and have to get 2 teeth pulled. so do getting your teeth pull hurt and how long do it take to heal? Mind you I don't take too kindly to pain. Plus school start Aug 14

Kristin B
a day

Everyone has a different healing time depending on their overall health, as well as a different level of pain tolerance. When I had my wisdom teeth out (and I was knocked out for the procedure), I couldn't consume anything but water the first day. The pain lasted me 2 to 3 days, but after the first day it was more of a dull throbbing. They gave me Vicodin for the pain, but I only needed it the first day. Some things you eat or drink will cause pain in the area until it is fully closed and the stitches (if any) are removed or dissolved. You will want to avoid carbonated or acidic beverages (soda, lemonade, juices, etc.), also hot liquids which will bring blood to the area and cause worse throbbing and possibly bleeding. You won't be allowed to use a straw or smoke (but you shouldn't be smoking anyway!) for the first several days because the suction created in the mouth by doing these things risks loosening the clot in the wound and making it bleed, taking longer to heal. If you follow your doctor's instructions, you will be back to normal I'd say within 5 to 7 days.

About a week. Really only a few days but you may have some sore spots after for about a week. If they give you gas and you have a good dentist the only thing that might hurt a little is the needle ( to deaden the area). After they usually give you a script of pain pills-you will be okay.

2-3 weeks, I had all my wisdom teeth out in one go. Full sergory the whole shibang.

Yes, it hurts. You'll get pain meds to take at home for it. Healing takes approx 10 days.

Blunt Honesty
Yes it can hurt, but not as bad as impacted wisdom teeth pressing on your other teeth. It only takes a couple of weeks to heal well.

galactic catholic
a week to ten days. remember don't smoke, or drink through a straw, cuz it will take twice as long.

1 week...

serenity seeker
pain is not bad at all and heals in a couple of days

I had a tooth pulled last year. And, mind you, I am totally freaked out and terrified of the dentist. I hadn't been in years but I had to go b/c I had an infection in one tooth and it was HURTING BAD!
It wasn't as bad as I thought. I won't tell you all the bad things b/c then you'll worry about it, but the good thing is, it only takes about 30 minutes for the whole thing. (That includes waiting about 20 minutes for the shots to numb you) Afterwards, they give you a list of all the things you can't do within the next 48 hours. (No spitting, no smoking, no drinking through a straw, etc.) It will bleed for about two days, and will really hurt. (when you get back from getting it pulled, fill your prescription while your mouth is still numb, and take it when you get home, even if you don't feel any pain) I was numb so I didnt' take the medicine, then I fell asleep. When I woke up, the pain was so unbearable I was pacing the hallway back and forth b/c I couldn't sit still it was hurting so bad. SO TAKE THE MEDICINE B4 IT STARTS HURTING. But overall, it healed totally in about two weeks.

It doesn't hurt that bad and you will be given pain medication before and after having your teeth pulled. It takes about a month or so to heal. If you had it the first week in August, by the time school started you would feel fine.

To answer your question, if there are no problems with healing (like dry socket, in particular) it usually takes a week to feel pretty much comfortable and three weeks to feel all the way back to normal.

Annette R
My son had his wisdom teeth (all four) extracted this summer. The doctor said it would be two weeks until he would be fully healed. He was out of pain after 1 week. He was able to eat normally after two weeks. He is now in the third week and had a dentist appointment yesterday. The hygenist noticed he had some infection back there. It doesn't hurt him, but he now needs to take antibiotics.

btw... the pain is pretty bad, but the prescription pain pills are really strong. You will sleep a lot.

cute gal
Well, I had alot of teeth pulled. I wore braces and in order to wear the braces, i needed to get about 6 teeth pulled. Don't worry, pulling a teeth does not hurt because they freeze it.... i guess u know that.... the earliest that a teeth will heal is in about 3 days.... it depends on how deep the teeth was in your gums.... and it also depends on how sensitive ur teeth are...if ur teeth bleed alot then it will take time to heal....so a earliest time it takes to heal is about 3 days.... thats how long my teeht took

Of course it hurts...

you can get good drugs though.

Here's a horror story: I made an appointment to have my impacted wisdom teeth pulled, at the recommendation of my dentist. When I got to the office, he told me that he would pull two now and the remaining two the next week. I told him it was 'all now or never'. He agreed to do them all and then gave me the option of general (sleep) or local (lots of shots in the gums - deep!) anesthesia. Since they did not have a recovery room, and I didn't have anyone to take me home, I chose the local (ooch-ooch, owwwwch!). I remembered that a dentist that I had gone to in the past (a small chinese woman with the attitude of a dominitrix) told me to put my walkman on, because she 'wanted me to enjoy this!', so I popped in a tape, laid back and let him get to work. It was not at all pleasant. There was a lot of tugging, cracking, wrenching and...screaming (from the dentist - I bit his fingers several times). Believe it or not, the walkman actually helped - I just lost myself in the music. After the procedure, mouth packed full of gauze and prescription in hand, I went to the pharmacy near my house and 'mimed' my way through the purchase of pain pills. After laying on the sofa for a day, acting pitiful and dreaming of food (something other than beef broth and jello), I got up, shrugged it off and admitted that it really wasn't that bad. More than anything, the whole experience was 'uncomfortable'. Yeah I bled for about a day and a half, and my gums were a little sore for a week, but I spent most of my time poking my tongue in the empty spaces at the back of my mouth. I went back to work in two days, stopped taking my motrin after three days and was back to eating solid, although still softer, food at the end of the week. I stopped missing them after about a year and, actually, do have a cleaner feeling in my mouth. Does it hurt? - yeah, but not for long. But go ahead and get them out - it's worth getting done to prevent problems in the future...and don't forget your music - I want you to enjoy it.

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