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 How old were you when you got your wisdom teeth?

Additional Details
You're all so young....

 Are braces worth it?
Even though they hurt and are annoying??? Are the worth it???
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Were you really happy with your results???...

 How long are you suppoesed to brush your teeth?
I always thought it was 2-3 minutes. Then floss then mouthwash.

But my boyfriend went to the dentist yesterday and his dentist told him to brush his teeth for ten minutes, about 2 minutes ...

 Do you have to pull your wisdom teeth out??
My friend told me that everyone has to pull their wisdom teeth out, and it scared me. Do i really have to do that? Can I not pull them out?...

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i just got my braces yesterday & they hurt! :( my orthodondist gave me wax to relieve the pain, but i don't know how to use it? when do i take it off? does it hurt of if do take it off?...

 Why does my breathe always smell worst after i brush my teeth?

 Braces hurt?
i had 4 brackets on my teeth now there on all the top please what can i do to make them stop hurting
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thanks for ...

 What can't you EAT if you have BRACES??

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 When was the last time u brushed ur teeth, try to be 100% honest please, 100% honest?
me it was 4 months ago
Additional Details
no 4 days..........................................

 My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. How do I stop this?
My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. I'm really worried. I floss and brush every day, but they still bleed. What do I do?...

 Colors!!! (braces)?
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 Are you suppose to floss your teeth before or after brushing?

 How do I tell my boyfriend to brush his teeth?
I met him through myspace and we have met and I realy truely like him even before meeting him, but it appears and smells as though he doesnt brush his teeth. He is 35 years old and should know he ...

 So how bad is getting your wisdom teeth out and what can i expect? what's the pain similar to?

 If i knock a teeth out,will another one grow?

Additional Details
haha ok ppl no need to add more,first 28 anwsres now 36!!!
Im just making sure that i was right.....

How do you know if u need braces?

The dentist will tell you or ask him/her. Well I would say if they are crooked. The braces will help to get it shape back.

nate dogg
generally when you go to the dentist they notice your teeth are crooked or not lineing up right and they recommend an orthodontist who knows what to do.

If your teeth aren't straight, then you need braces.

Terry O
If you don't feel comfortable about the way that your teeth look.

It is up to your dentist to decide whether or not you need braces. Unless you have something that you know needs to be corrected. Good Luck!

Leonardo D
Your dentist will refer you to an orthodontist if he feels that you may need braces. The your orthodontist will decide if you need them or not.

if the teeth are resembling a picket fence..

☀Bajan [ Canday! ]
Do you want braces?
bc if you dont want them u dont have to get them its all about you.
do you think you feel better with striagher teeth?
Do you LIke your teeth the way they are[ it kinda makes YOU]

robin a
your dentist will usually recammend it

Ms. Information
hit yourself repeditivly with a crowbar, if none of your teeth fall out you don't need braces

Well it just depends, are you happy with your teeth?

Well if so you don't need them. If you have an underbite or and overbite , braces will correct that (for the most part. If your teeth are crooked or spaced too far apart then you probably should get them.

if ur teeth are jacked up and if ppl make fun of them

if you can feel that your teeth are crooked....but your orthodontist or dentist should be able to tell

Cliff C
Your dentist would consult you on whether your teeth are in need of them.

if your teeth are messed up

Maranda R
you will no if your teeth are crooked and have alot of gaps i have a bigg gap on my front to teeth but other than that i have good straight teeth but if i dont want that gap ill have to get braces
pleaz answer my question!!!! thanx

your teeth r all messed up and crooked DUR-DUH-DURRRR

are you joking? if you have bad teeth,

ex. if you have a huge gap inbetween your 2 front teeth,

Your orthodontist will tell you. Unfortunatley, I had to have them. They're not that bad though. Just the first couple weeks are bad. Good luck!

if ur teeth are seriosly messed up
I just had an over bite and i have braces
they hurt....alot....dont get them....not today...bye....

Some cases you can just tell I knew I would have to get them and my dds did too. Or just ask your dentist if you need braces

your teeth are crooked and your dentist tells you that you need them

if yo teef iz crooked or ur frickin dentistt says u needz dem ...........................DUR

if you have an overbite, cross-bite, under-bite, or crossed teeth.

I had alot of space in between my teeth..

if yor teeth are all messed up

if your teeth are crooked.

Madilyn's Mommie
Your dentist/orthadontist should be able to let you know.

Jenn Brewers Girl
If you can't tell by looking, ask your dentist at your next appointment, they can tell how well your teeth are aligned and whether you need to see an orthodontist who will then make the final decision

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