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leonardo dafino
How do you get your braces off faster?

it won't be a lot faster but you can try this. when you get your next appointment, call and reschedule it for a few days or a week, if they'll let you, earlier. you'll get your readjustments done earlier and less time waiting for results. SD

Just dont eat the foods your not supposed to eat , and take care off them really good.

They more you mess them up ex: brackets become unglued, rubber bands break...the longer you will have them on. So just don't eat very hard foods, and do what your orthodontist advises you to do.

First, you'll get your best answer by cancelling your other 2 questions. The redundancy is a pain.

You could ask the orthodontist to tighten them more often than every 2 weeks. This will cost you more money and more pain, so, why hurry?

Besides, next you get the retainer (smile).

If they give you rubber bands, wear them all the time. Try your best not to break your braces, and if you do report it as soon as possible. Drink ice water if you're really impatient as this will contract your braces. You could also ask your orthodontist to tighten them more, but it would hurt more. Just a few ideas.

u cant really if ur wearing rubber bands double them and it will help that process go faster

you dont. just be patient

You don't. You do what the orthodontist tells you to do, and when it's time, they will be taken off. Be patient.

you don't, just take good care of your teeth when you have them on so your dentist doesn't make you keep them on longer.

Not likely that you can get them off much sooner than expected by your orthodontist.

HOWEVER, you can reduce the amout of added time by being compliant. This means, don't eat food you are not supposed to, and DO wear rubberbands, retainers, etc as asked by the orthodontist.

Take really good care of your teeth and do everything your dentists tells you, although my brother got them off six months early and he chewed gum and ate popcorn.

A flathead screwdriver...JUST KIDDING!

No, I had braces, and you just have to wait it out. Make sure you do everything the Ortho says and just keep them clean.

You cannot get them off faster. Your teeth will not move any faster no matter what you try to do.

Hi Leonardo,

I don't really think there is a way to get your braces off faster -- what you can do is just continue to take proper care of your teeth, follow the orthodontist's/dentist's suggestions and don't do anything to aggravate your braces.

It really depends on your bone structure and how long it takes for your teeth to slide into a perfect alignment.

Don't worry though! I know the wait seems long in the beginning, but soon you'll hardly notice it, and before you realize it, you'll be getting them off and you'll see your beautiful teeth!

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