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Another Emily
How do you get rid of bad breath without mints of brushing your teeth..?
When I'm in public sometimes I notice i have bad breath, and I dont have anything to brush my teeth with or gum or mints or anything.. how can I get rid of bad breath without any of that?

Dancing lil girl

Bad breath does not come from your teeth or gums. Brushing your teeth does nothing more than keep your mouth somewhat clean. Bad breath comes from your lungs as you exhale while talking or for that matter..just breathing. What you eat or drink is deposited in your blood and delivered to your lungs. Sometimes it comes out from your stomach. Change your eating habits and the bad breath will disappear. Breath mints are like like spray on deodorants. They work for a minute and then you really smell bad.

baby g!rl
eat or drink somthin

Gargle a cup of lukewarm water mixed with salt or half a lemon juice.This is best done before going to bed. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. More useful remedies at http://useinfo5.blogspot.com/

You could always keep a small aeorosol breath freshener in your pocket... or those little Listerine pocket packs... they both work great in a pinch, and they're small enough to carry but big enough to know they're there........

i dont think you can...ew you dont brush your teeth? maybe i misread it but ew.


Are you looking for some McGuyver why of getting fresh breath using toilet paper, an egg shell, and a bit of electrical tape or something?

Just carry around some mints or listerine pocketpacks or something.

eat something that refreshes your breath. like some sort of raw green vegetable or something. i dont know.

Chew parsley after eating anything thats supposed to work!

um carry mints with you always. or you could chew on some leaves or something thats what a camel does. MUAH!!!!!

i heard drinking water does the trick.

Julie L
Eating , melons (oddly enough), mouthwash, etc. Might wanna try swishing around water in your mouth alot...

DaRel J
tounge scrapper, gum,mouthwash. or carry a pocket-size toothbrush-thats what they're made for

Drink some water

acceptance with joy
drink some water, eat something fruity if you can but I would start carrying some mints, gum or something with you at all times.

thats probably it

always bring gum or mints if you're in these situations a lot

rinse with water

use an all natural oral care product to help wash away food particles that get stuck on teeth and gums. this can help freshen breath and can keep the whole mouth hydrated. keeping the mouth hydrated and salivated can keep bad bacteria at bay. for more tips on how to be able to get rid of bad breath effectively visit http://www.oramd.com

snow l
Eat Green vegetables which has leaves..
Cilantro as one example

Mrs. Amazing
well. i think you would have to invest in some mints my friend. try those listerine striips.,they are easy to carry around

In my experience, I've found that flossing is the best antidote for bad breath. This assumes that you don't have an abscess or some other problem.

If you have mild gingivitis between your teeth, this will cause bad breath, and flossing will definitely fix that. Mints are only briefly effective if this is the problem.

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