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jessica correa
How do the dentist numb ur mouth and does it hurt?
also im getting 2 baby teeth pulled out

They Shove Giant needles into Your gums, then They take these pliers and Unhumainly rip the teeth out.
Alot of times they Dont even numb it they just wait till you not paying attention, they tear the teeth right out of yoo mouthh.

They stick a big fat needle in your jaw that is filled with yellow fluid and it hurts like h e l l. YES all of it hurts!! I never go, ever!!

They give you a shot. It really doesn't hurt that bad. It only "pinches" for a couple seconds.

They inject lidocaine into your gums so as to stop the nerves that carry the pain signal from functioning

i had all of my baby teeth pulled so i can give you a great answer.

they are going to put a gel (it's like oragel) to do a basic numbing. after that sets in ( like 3 mins) they will use a little needle to inject some novicane. it doesn't hurt. but if you are scaed of needels ( i am) then ask your denist to warn you before he or she does. and when they are going to just close your eyes and open your mouth extremly wide.

the actual teeth pulling does not hurt it's just the nose of it coming out so just go to your happy place.

i hppe that helps!

It matter where your teeth are that're being pulled out.
If they're on the top, the dentist will give you a couple shots directly below the tooth to be pulled, on the gums. That will numb up and you won't feel it.

If they're bottom teeth, the dentist will have to do what's called a mandible block, where he shoots novocaine into a nerve which runs down the back of your jaw, between your top and bottom jaw. This numbs the entire side of the face where the shot was given...including half your tongue and your lips. It feels weird.

The shots hurt a little. It's just a little pinch, nothing major. Don't worry; you won't be screaming in pain or trying to jump up out of the chair. It's uncomfortable, but it's not that painful.

bliss j
they just give you some small injections in your mouth and no it doesent hurt at all ive just had 4 out and it didnt feel anything at all. dont worry it honestly does not hurt :D

novacaine. it gives you that numb feeling. it doesnt hurt to get teeth pulled, that much. the anxiety beforehand makes it worse, though. expect some pain, obviously.

they use a needle and shoot lidocaine into ur gums. yes it hurts. to me anyway. I HATE THE DENTIST.

charlie f
they will rub a numbing gel on it to begin with then you will have a small injection (which shouldn't hurt because of the gel) to numb the entire area- you shouldnt feel a thing!

I got 7 teeth pulled about 4 months ago!
So you are lucky only 2 are getting pulled!

Ok there are 2 ways. Either they give you one shot in the cheeck or they give you a ton of shots around the area they are working on.

First before any of the shots they take this jelly stuff on a Q-Tip and rub it around the area they will work on.

Try to not talk much or do anything with your mouth when it is numb!
I tried to talk and I bit my lip really hard and it was bleeding but I didn't feel it!

Hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK!

Heidi K
They inject lidocaine with a teeeny tiny needle. It doesn't hurt much. Just a little pinch.

They usually give you a couple shots of Novacane. And it hurts

they take a needle it really not that big and poke it where ever they have to it really doesnt hurt it feels like a little pinch

Dentists numb your mouth by giving you a needle. The needle is relatively large and hurts a fair bit, but only for a few seconds. Then, you can't feel much in your mouth anymore but slight vibrations and your lips go numb.

With an injected anesthetic. No it doesn't hurt.

It sounds worse than it is but they'll rub some jelly on your gums, which will sort of slightly numb the area and then they'll use a needle to inject the full strength numbing, which really you wont feel at all. They'll let you sit for 5-10 minutes and wait till it starts to work which will feel really really weird the first time - basically as if half your tongue and lip is really swollen - it feels like its gone gigantic but really its normal. After that you wont feel anything until after the numbing wears off after a few hours when it might be a bit sore.


They use anestesia (i think that's what it's called) and it kinda stings because they have to inject it. It does numb the mouth but by doing that it makes you feel no pain when they pull out your teeth. I've had this done to me many times and it doesn't hurt so you got nothing to worry about.

Ok... I've been though this... it depends, if your pulling out a tooth or more serous stuff, he will give you a shoot, don't worry trust me it will only hurt a bit close your eyes and relax, but if its not so serious he will rub some numbing cream on it and do what he has to... don;t worry I PROMISE that it won't hurt... :) i was scared of the dentist and i still am... but you'll be okay... :) its really nothing... good luck!

You Know It's True
Uses a needle and the area around the tooth.
Not as bad as you think -- trust me!! Worrying was the worst part.
(I think these people are trying to frighten u)

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