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Ann Marie
How do I stop grinding my teeth without sleeping with a mouth guard?
I am ruining my teeth because I grind them in my sleep. I tried using my night guard and I wake up with my teeth hurting and feeling as though they've shifted. I need help!

get all your teeth pulled, and wear false teeth....
so when you go to bed at night, just take out your teeth

Your dentist can resolve this. Quite often it's a simple 5 minute process.

Miss. A. Laneous
an alternative medicine approach....

Tension in the jaw can result in unconcscious teeth grinding. This is often from unresolved or repressed anger. Maybe looking into this might help.

The mouthguard isn't helping b/c its trying to treat a symptom, not the cause of the grinding. Your jaw is still clenching.

Maybe some relaxation excercises before bed might help. Meditation, soothing music, etc.

good luck

I really do not know how ... I have been grinding my teeth for 20 years.... some nites are better then others... i try to really relax before i try to sleep ... dont think of the stress of the day ... I had a mouth guard also and i just ended up grinding that down untill i got to my teeth .... good luck to ya!!!! :)

Don't use the store bought mouth guards but a professional one made my your dentist called a bite guard. The kind I have is hard acrylic the shape of my teeth and only fits on the top teeth.

Hate to tell you there is NO chance of that happening. You might have TMJ.

Take a tranquilizer.

try getting a mouth gaurd that's soft and not hard, then it won't hurt. you can get them at the orthodontist.

Problem is, you can't entirely remove stress while waking. Psychotherapy itself causes stress. Nor can alternative inner mouth massages (??!??!) stop your teeth from grinding. And you won't stop the night grinding for two reasons:

1. You are not conscious and so how are you to even recognize and stop grinding movements?

2. All you need is one singular bad dream, or even an exciting one. That will cause stress and your teeth will grind away.

Get the occlusal guard. And if you grind that down (which I doubt you will), then simply replace it with another one.

sounds like either you havn't worn your mouth guard for a while and so your teeth may have moved a bit since you last wore it... therefore it moves your teeth back to where they were when you first got it. Or, your mouth guard is not biting evenly on your opposing teeth and needs to be ground in a little bit to make all your teeth contact it evenly.

Other than that, grinding can be made worse with Stress, high fillings, so fix the stress and maybe that will help. Maybe if you chew on a sock :)

Danielle P
A trained massage therapist can do simple TMJ massage on and in your mouth to help with this problem. Call around to your local massage schools and get references.

well, I know it y feel w.rd bt you just have to were you retainer/mouth guard .

Pobedy S
if you find out let me know my wife does it too...

Try using a baby pacifier it is not a big as the mouth guard and will not cause your mouth to ache when you wake up.

You need to get your night guard adjusted. You may need a new one.

Try taking a multi-vitamin. If your calcium & magnesium levels are off, your muscles will tend to clench/spasm, causing more grinding.

1/2 the time it helps - but it takes some weeks to take effect.

It may or may not be TMJ, need to see a dentist who knows TMJ (sorry, most MD's don't).

Stress is often a major factor, so just relax! Yeah, easy for me to say. . .

I'd like to know what five minute procedure a dentist can do to stop a Bruxer? There are two type of Bruxers(grinders)

1. The type cuased by your teeth not touching the right way.
for example, a high spot on a new filling, or loss of contact due to decay, the bruxing is caused by your brain trying to re-establish an euquilibrium to your overall dental contacts(called occlusion)

2. CNS bruxers (Central Nervous System) the type of bruxing that comes from the brain can not be cured in five minutes. To solve this you treat the patient by using night guards. Try to stop the brain from activating the clenching by working out, yoga, therapy, and yes even drugs some times.

If you feel you are bruxing at night, are a CNS bruxer, and really don't want to wear a night guard then there little we can do to prevent the damage. Try relieving stress in some way.

Why is you don't want to wear a night guard?.
Perhaps you have an improperly made one?
Night guards need to be balanced out at time of delivery.

If all else fails.
Get a human night guard to stand by your bed and poke you
everytime you start to grind.

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