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Chad P
How do I permanently stop a toothache?

Dave B
no need for dentist all you need is a good left hook or an upper cut that should clear things out even the cobwebs in your head. lolzzzzzzz

one word is the answer



or pull the tooth out by yourself...[its really hard and it hurts] LOL...

Try this spell. It works for me.

Tooth of worry, tooth of trouble
Nerves electric, nerves a fire
Calm and cold become a double
Healing to my heart's desire

(Then gently touch your cheek where it hurts. You should feel some relief. But always use Western methods too. Go to a good dentist. Floss! Trust me. I know these things.)

Have the tooth pulled or get a root canal

visit a dentist..
in the meantime, use listerine mouth wash..it helped for me

Extraction or root canal job

you cant really, but you could see a dentist they may reccomend something. My partner uses clove oil or bonjela when he gets tootache, or just even paracetamol.

Have the tooth taken out maybe?

Just seeing a dentist will not help you. A dentist can do a root canal and place a crown, but this place is loaded with people complaining about painfull teeth with Root Canals and Crowns. The ONLY way to be assured that the tooth will not EVER hurt you again is to extract it.

What you need to ask yourself is not how to stop the pain today?, but Will I be eating ribs and salad, or will I be eating ground beef on white bread when your 60 years old.

When you answer that question then you will know if the increased risk of pain and cost are worth it to you.

Only way to permanently stop a toothache is to get the tooth pulled. But if you can't get to a dentist right away, you can go to the drug store and buy temporary toothache remedies there but they will only work temporarily. You can even buy temporary fillings at the drug store if you have a filling that falls out. But ultimately you need to see a dentist to get that toothache taken care of.

Get the tooth in question removed.

Donna Lu
Your tooth is more than likely aching because there is decay present. If you don't get to the dentist before it reaches the nerve, you will have one of 2 choices; either remove the tooth, or have endodontic therapy where the dentist removes the nerve. This is also called root canal, but I hate to use that term because it scares people. Once the nerve is removed the Dentist can either fill the tooth or place a post and crown on it.
If you elect to have it removed however, your teeth can shift and cause you problems later.

go see a Dentist.

you must see a dentist.. to be honest I'm having one right now but the opposite.. the tooth was just removed and I'm having a constant dull ache where the tooth used to be. You could take aspirin or advil for the pain but that is tempporary fix.. definitely need to see a dentist

One word :"Dentist"

pull it out(dentist)ouch! : (

The only way to guarentee it'll never hurt again is to have it pulled. it also depends upon what is wrong with the tooth-why are you in pain? Sometimes it can be filled, other times it might need a root canal. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

Unfortunately, you have to go to a dentist... I have one today too, I am going to have to go have it pulled and I keep putting it off until one day soon it will kill me so then I'll go... I'm a big chicken....

have the tooth pulled. certainly you have to visit a dentist

Long John
Remove your head.

See a dentist

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