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 Absessed Wisdom tooth--- soo hungry?
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How can you die from getting your wisdom teeth pulled and how often does this happen?

Well, death in these cases are rare, and are probably effects of the surgery itself. Nerve damage, blood loss, damage to other teeth, infection, etc. are some of these effects.
I should also say that leaving the impacted tooth in, can cause damage to nerves, which I can only assume may cause death. I'm not expert in this field whatsoever, and am really going on what i've heard myself.

Though, if you feel the need to be frightened, i've left an article here about a man who bled to death after the removal :P

1 in 3 die everyday.

many ways.. usually related to the operator.. your dentist..

the tooth can ooopsy drop into your throat and block your air-pipe..

the anaethesia can put you into the sleep land forever and ever and ever..

the dentist can decide to go crazy on ya and use a chainsaw..

wanna hear more?

as long you don't have a weak heart and lungs, you should be ok..

have it removed.. ;-p

I've never heard of anyone dying. My boyfriend got all four of his taken out at the same time. They put him asleep for the operation and when he came home, his face was swollen to three times the size. He didn't suffer too much pain, luckily, but he did have ongoing problems for a few months afterwards. The surgeons had stretched his jaw so much that the muscles seized up and he couldn't open his mouth wide enough to fit in a wafer. He lived on pureed food he could drink through a straw until the muscles relaxed. But, no, he didn't die!

This does not cause death.

Not from having the wisdom teeth pulled persay, but some have had very adverse reactions to the gas and novacaine used.

"Lucky," you'd have to be about one in a million to die from having your wisdom teeth out. The complications would be the same as any other surgery, such as death from an anesthetic accident or bleeding to death. Although I know that this is academically possible, in 30 years, I have never heard of anyone who died from wisdom tooth extractions.

bored at work
the only thing i can think of is that you get put to sleep and not wake up, not sure how, but its rare when it happens.

I have never heard of someone dying from getting the wisdom teeth pulled but being in health care I guess it could happen if infection starts afterward but in this age infections are pretty easy to take care of and get rid of, or I suppose if the person has a reaction to the drugs the dentist uses but I have never heard of a case when someone actually lost their life.

I have never heard of that before. I think thats a lie.


What's the deal with the "teeth falling out" dream?: A few times a year I have a dream in which my teeth are either loose or falling out. I'd always assumed that these dreams were unique to me, until a few years ago at a party when I overheard a girl describing just such a dream to a friend, who responded with "Oh yeah, 'the teeth falling out' dream. Everyone gets those." I've since discover that this is not strictly true: not everyone gets them -- The Queen doesn't, for example. But they are certainly not rare. In fact, in The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud named it as one of the four "typical dreams," along with "falling from a height, ... flying, and embarrassment because one is naked or scantily clad."

This was a tough one to research, not due to dearth of information on the subject, but rather because of abundance. There are a bajillion websites that purport to interpret dreams, but most of them appear to utilize the scientific method commonly referred to as "guessing." A good example is this one which says that the "teeth falling out dream" must have to do with anxiety over children, because "animals carry their young around with their teeth."

The most common explanation on these sites is that the "teeth falling out" dream reflects anxiety about appearance. I can see that, I guess, but it seems like that when I have this dream, I am much more concerned about the actual loss of my teeth rather than about my resultant appearance. Another common interpretation is that this results from the dreamer's fears about "losing power". That hits closer to home for me -- in the dreams I always find myself wondering how I'm going to eat with no teeth -- but I haven't made a conscience effort to note when these dreams take place and see if they correspond with feelings of "power loss" in my waking life (like, when I'm in close proximity to Kryptonite).

Perhaps it's the skeptic in me, but I find the most plausible explanation to be the most boring: that the dreams are a manifestation of bruxism ("the habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth, usually during sleep") which, according to my dentist, I show symptoms of. I guess I better get that Night Guard after all.

I don't think this has ever happened. If it is done under sterile conditions at the dentist, and you take an antibiotic afterward, all should be well. Unless the dentist knocks you out (not a good idea unless you are in a hospital setting) then you have little to worry about. Just get them out if they are causing problems. You won't die, believe me!

Lady X
Dr. Sam is right, we had a patient, 28 year old woman referred to oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal. She passed away in the chair she did not disclose to dentist she took Valium, and the drugs the anesthesiologist gave her reacted with the Valium.

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