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Matthew P
How Much Does it Hurt to Have a Tooth Removed Without Anesthesia?
Like the title says, how much does it hurt to have a tooth pulled without anesthesia? I may need to get my wisdom teeth removed soon, and if I do, I am considering going without painkillers.

At the very least, no painkillers after the fact, but how much does getting a tooth removed without Novocaine or another local or system anesthesia hurt?

I don't know how we're doing the hurt scale today. 1 to 10, blinding, unbearable, whatever system you want to use is cool.

8! Get at least the numbing shots they aren't that bad and help alot.

like 12 dude it's would suk

A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

Simon C
Getting a tooth, especially a wisdom tooth, out without anesthesia is like stabbing yourself with a knife or put a nail on your hand with a hammer. No matter how tough you are you can't bear the pain. The idea is simply out of question. Get an anesthesia, you'll be glad you did.

wisdom teeth usually have to be removed surgically, in other words they have to cut the gum, then dig for the tooth, you could not stand the pain involved in that, and no oral surgeon would do it. Most people in fact are put to sleep with anesthetics for wisdom tooth extraction.

Mike O

hurts bad

a lot

like 20 on a scale of 1 to 10.lol
I honestly don't even think a dentist would attempt to remove one without some kind of local. At least gas or something. The dentist doesn't want you to be thrashing around in the chair in excrutiating pain.

You mIght as well just grab a pair of vice grips and go at it - you'll soon see for yourself!

Bob J
anesthia is like a mythical place

10 out of 10. Get the novocain; you don't need to be knocked out, just numbed at the point of extraction. I had 3 wisdom teeth out in one sitting with just novocain; I took one vicodin later after the novocain wore off and that was it, but I could have lived without it.

Oh jesus.
I don't even think the dentist would allow that.
The hurt scale would probably be a 50.
A tooth extraction is ORAL SURGERY. I don't have experience in the human field, but am a veterinary technician and have seen my fair share of teeth being removed... and ow. owowowow.
I cannot imagine anyone ever doing such a thing without pain killers/anesthetic.... if I ever get mine out I'm going to be under general anesthesia.
Why would you ever consider that!?

Lady America and Proud Of It
Mine were CUT out....put your head under a bus...there would be less pain.

It's impossible to understand what's in your mind without knowing why you are considering going on no anesthesia and no painkillers.

If you have a medical condition interfering with either one, remember in most cases a safe compromise can be found.

In no way a dentist (who is a doctor) will pull you a tooth without anesthesia, so that's not an option. As for the pain killers, s/he will prescribe them to you, and it's up to you what to do with those pills.

I hope you realise that a dentist cannot pull a tooth under anesthesia, no matter the reason you don't want it.

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