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How Does Laughing Gas Feel Like Right After They Put It On?
I'm Going To The Ortadontist In a few weeks not sure when but I want to know how it feels like. Only people who have gotten laughing gas on. Thnx! Bye!

hurts like heck!!

steve b
it feels like u need a big poo

Tee Dub

it just feels like you are tired.....you dont feel it

You dont actually feel anything one sec. you awake the next you sleeping

A cool mist that relaxed me. It didn't make me laugh although if I weren't in so much pain it probably would have.

For me it feels like electricity is flowing thru my body and then like I am floating. I love it!

its so weiird.
well to me it was.
when i was on it
it was likee getting off of a high.
your liike woosy., and cant stop laughing.
and its like you want moree.

its like a drugg :O
ha not really.
but it doesnt hurrt.
you might get a headachee.
but its all good., nothing to worry about.


i felt like i was in lala land + had no idea what was going on. i felt really calm + couldn't tell that i was getting a root canal done. just movement + sound. no feeling.

Terra L
when i had my wisdom teeth pulled out they used laughing gas before they knocked me out to ease the pain of sticking needles into me a prodding at my mouth. when they first put it on me i didn't feel a thing but i would laugh at things that i wouldn't normally laugh at.

Laughing gas is awesome. It makes your whole body feel really heavy and numb. It is very relaxing. I only laugh because of how good it makes me feel...

gina m
laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is a mild sedative that only effects you while you breath it. After treatment oxygen will be given and the effects will leave. You can expect to feel a little tingly--especially in your hands and feet, maybe a little floaty, a little drowsy-- or maybe just calmer. The effects are different from person to person. Some people feel all of the sensations I have listed above, some feel nothing but are calmer and find the dental work was easier to tolerate. If you should feel sick to your stomach or very dizzy let the dentist know, you may have too high of a level of nitrous streaming through and it will need to be adjusted down. All the sensations should be pleasant --if not tell the dentist, he can put you on Oxygen and you feel normal again quickly.

Hope this helps.

It was great!!! I had a *terrible* time when I got my right wisdom teeth removed & the oral surgeon used novacain. He gave me 5 shots of novacain & I was still in enormous pain. When it was time to get the left ones out, there was no way I was going to go through that again.

I went to a different oral surgeon & demanded the nitrous and it was wonderful. Didn't make me laugh, I just passed out after a few seconds, felt like I was having a crazy dream, then woke up all of a sudden. Felt like it wasn't even five minutes later, but it was actually about an hour. No pain at all, very pleasant experience.

It makes your head cloudy for another hour or two, but after that it wears off & you're back to normal. I wouldn't dream of having dental work done without it.

Tail Stinger
It made me feel silly. I am terrified of a dentist & they had to give me gas just for a cleaning. I still felt pain for other procedures, but I really didn't give a d---. It's a good alternative to actual sedation. Just make sure you have at least 3 to 5 minutes of gas before they do anything. Otherwise, you will feel the pain & the fear. Give yourself a few minutes to clear your head after, too. The gas can give you a monstrous headache if you don't clear yourself. Good Luck & Blessings

Alexander G
It feels like coco butter runnin down yo spine. It is the biggest rush ever. It's like heroin or maybe tape.

well it hurt reallybad cause when i got laughing gas i started to laugh alot and my stomach hurted alot after that ........................................... how i felt

Terry L
You know I've had laughing Gas so many times during dental work but never felt like laughing. Just a flying around the room kind of thing, counting how many dots are on the ceiling if they would hold still.

Makes me laugh...really!

Takes a little while for its effect, so not much, ....also depends on the ratio of oxygen to nitrous oxide.

kinda feels like u smoked pot but make shure u dont fall asleep u can go into a coma or something like that they wont let you fall asleep thoe

Dave B
u in hale it light headed thats 1 reason u r in the chair

Relaxed and detached from physical sensations.

You count backwards from ten, most people don't get to 7. You pass out and wake up when it's over, you'll probably have some false memories as well (you might think you went in an elevator when you actually didn't, etc.)

People take Nitrous Oxide recreationally, it makes them all goofy and have weird physical sensations.

Enjoy it ;-)

Must Be The Clouds In My Eyes
its great

Help is on the way
Makes you laugh, gave me a headache later.

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