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Help, I Have a Seed Stuck between My Teeth. What to Do?
I tried using floss to get at this raspberry seed out and only succeeded in lodging it farther down in between two molars. Now I can't even see it!

How long will it take to form a cavity? What can I do? I still have to wait a month before I can use my insurance policy.

Oh why didn't I use a toothpick!!!! Let this be a lesson to you all, eating yogurt can be more precarious than you might think!

Y. Answer.
Just take it out with some thing sharp..but don't let that sharp thing run down streets...lol...or just have you wife or girl friend take it out...


Have you tried using dental tape rather than dental floss? It is wider and thinner.

get a mildly acidic solution and swill your mouth out. quite a good idea i think.

Try tying a couple of knots in some dental floss gently pull the floss between the teeth sometimes the knot will grab the debris and pull it out this trick also helps remove popcorn hulls and apple peels and shredded meats if you can't get the seed out you may need to see your Dentist. Good Luck

These items (popcorn kernels, seeds) usually work their way out. You should floss and rinse (salt H20 or listerine), though and if the area gets hot pink and tender to the touch call your dental office. Don't be relentless as all your picking at it could irritate the area even more, once or twice a day flossing/rinsing should be enough. You could always make an appointment for a cleaning at your local dental hygiene school which is very low cost, sometimes even free. This is unlikely to give you a cavity in my opinion. Good luck!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist

floss again, it's the only way!

6 Bucks
why don't you go see your dentist, because you know it will be killing you in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

rinse in warm salt/lemon water. The salt and lemon will help break down the seed from the acid in the water

A toothpick will most certainly fail where flossing has not worked. Once I tried to dislodge a piece of chicken in b/w my friends tooth using a tooth pick, an improvised water pick, and a hypodermic needle. What finally worked was flossing, which neither of us had thought about...
Luckilly for you its a seed. Leave it alone for a bit, wrinse with diluted, anti-septic mouth wash. The seed should swell up, become softer, and should come out with flossing. Otherwise, keep wrinsing with the anti septic mouth wash in time to see your dentist.

keep flossing and swisch some water around

Rinse with warm salt water, then floss again. Keep brushing until it comes out (dont make your gums bleed, brush often but not excessivly). It should come out soon and dont worry about a cavity just yet. It will be more anoying than it will be distructive to your health. Good luck.

Cameron Defton
Ok i would say something helpful if i could stop laughing. I have been their before. But i just went to the dentist the next day.

go buy a Water Pick... or one of those syringes that has a plastic tip instead of a needle and shoot water into it to flush it out

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