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bright the lights foundation
Gums hurt?
my gums have been hurting me whenever i brush a lot and they bleed too. i floss and brush and use listerine everyday so i have no idea why theyre hurting... any possible explanations/solutions?

gum disease

the earthquakemoon man
rinse with very warm salt water= sea salt= nix the Listerine, the dentist will tell you that when you see him or her= and you should= save your teeth and smile at the same time= soft gum brush works== try it==

you could be having a reaction to so many chemicals on them from the mouth wash, try a softer brush and not so harsh of a mouth wash.

Your maybe brusing to much or to hard, try changing tooth brushes, and limiting the use of listerine. Sometimes mouth wash can irritate your gums. If it continues to be troublesome go and see your dentist.

Shaun of the undead
It probably is gingivitis

Dvs angel
well first of allwhen u floss everyday u damage alot of cells. and u are not supposed to floss everyday. maybe every two days. i mean thats alot of flossing everyday ! it makes ur gums weak and increases the space between ur teeth. and when u brush dnt push against ur teeth too hard. u need to eat alot of things with protein. it will help strength ur gums.

Brandy W
a small amount of blood when you brush is normal, but the soreness of your gums is not. It could be a sign of gingivitis.
I would suggest that you see a dentist. In the mean time, make sure you are using a soft bristle tooth brush and lay off the Listerine, it can cause sensitivity.

You could be brushing too hard. Instead of listerine, rinse your mouth with peroxide and water 50/50 twice a day, if it doesn't improve I would suggest going to the dentist. I've had this exact problem before and it worked for me.

Old Gamer 56
I also think seeing a dentist is a good idea. Also sounds a bit like it could be a vitamin deficiency. It's never a bad idea to take a daily multivitamin.

see a dentist

dont brush so much one good session in the mornin floss and rinse at nite

If you are experiencing gums that bleed then you must know that bleeding gums are not normal. In the early stage of gum disease which refers to gingivitis, gums usually appear red, swollen and easily bleeding. At this stage the disease is still reversible, and can be eradicated by daily brushing and flossing with proper technique. If the gum disease advances because it is left untreated, to a more serious stage called periodontitis, there is a serious damage to the gums and bones that support the teeth. It a must to see a dental expert if you experience bleeding gums so that you will be advised and given the treatments that you may need once the dentist have finished checking your gum condition.

for more tips on how to treat bleeding gums visit http://www.oramd.co.uk

Dark Schneider
See a doctor would be 1st opinion. Common Sense.

Do not floss and listerine everyday. Why? Listerine is powerful antiseptic. You should only do it occasionally in a month. Flossing I rarely do, and my teeth are just fine.

Where is your gums hurting? Could be a bad tooth, cold sore, or just something small. If you are so concerned stay with the number 1 option.

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