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 Bleeding gums?
I have had bleeding gums for about 2 years. When I first told my dentist they said it was because I was pregnant and not to worry. After I had my baby they still bled and then I fell pregnant again ...

 I have a toothache from a cavity?
it hurts like hell on and off...what, besides pain killers, can stop the pain? i can't get to the dentist right now either....

 Would you date a girl that has front teeth missing?
my teeth are loose and I lost some already. I'm worried cuz these are my adult teeth. anything I can do about it?
Additional Details
I only been to a dentist once when I was 10. He ...

 I just got braces on 3 days ago and it hurts REALLY bad, (tried advil,motrin) what else can i do?

 Toothache after fillings?
I got 4 fillings in my teeth (I know, it's really bad) almost a month ago and 2 of them are totally fine, but the other 2 still hurt.

One of them doesn't hurt too bad, it's ...

 Alright. i brush twice a day and floss and rinse with listerine once a day as well.?
my gums are sore near a few of my teeth. could the problem be that i am brushing a bit too hard, or do i have a gum disease....

 What happens and how does it feel to get both your bottom wisdom teeth pulled out? how long does it hurt for?

 What is the best way to keep ur teeth clean?

 Which part of the human body blue print did The Maker get not quite right ?
I have my own answer. I just wonder what anyone else thinks....

 How do I get my daughters to take better care of her teeth?
I always have to keep after her to brush, and she avoids it whenever she can. She's had quite a few teeth pulled already for a 13 year old, and a lot of fillings too, but she just won't ...

 Wisdom teeth?
ummm, although im too young to extract my wisdom teeth and that it hasnt grown yet, my dentist advised me to do so cause they did an x-ray and said that the wisdom teeth were gonna block the other ...

 Natural colour of our teeth?

 My bf is in alot of pain b/c his wisdom teeth are growing in. What can help his pain til he gets them out?

 Im getting braces soon.. Does it hurt?

 Easy, simple way to get rid of slimy white stuff in my mouth?
whats a simple easy household recipe that can get rid of the slimy white stuff in my mouth

I changed toothpaste but it ain't ...

 How long does it take for novacane to wear off?

 Why are my gums turning white?
Whn I apply a slight amount of pressure to my bottom front gums, I notice that the area around it quickly turns to a clear, whitish color, then returns to its normal color when I deapply pressure...I...

 I'm getting braces and I'm(a trillion times really) scared,help!i don't want 2 go 2 the orthodontist

 I just got braces this week, I've noticed one tooth has shifted up. Is this normal?
Also, can I leave wax on my teeth overnight?...

 I have a hole in my mouth. Help!?
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out today and they were impacted. Not much pain now. But my question is that i have a sorta big black hole on the bottom right side, probably where the doc took the ...

Lijster J
Good excuse to cancel dentist appointment?????
I am too late to give 24 hour notice so I was wondering what would be a good excuse to cancel the dentist appointment without being charged. I know this might sound rude but these people overcharged me for the past 4 appointments and with the help of the insurance company I got my money back. I really do not want to be charged.

Law Claw
mom died.

He Wants Revenge .com
Tell them all your teeth fell out, should do the trick.

Jorge V
Maybe lie about car breaking down in the middle of knowhere

try these excuses:
doctor appointment
family emergency
no means of transportation
family problems
road block
business meeting
you went to china lol

philadelphia eagles rock!!!!!!!!
dont show up

softball lover
car broke down
and totally forgot.
thats what my mom normally uses.

family emergency (like some1 is dying)
car broke down
just forgot
your sick (got out of an appointment with that 1!)
business meeting
won a vacation!!!!! and it just happens 2 be the week of your appointment

tell them you need to cancel because you have a toothache.

(have you signed anything about agreeing to pay if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice?)

Tell them you had a family emergency, and completely forgot about the appointment.

Say you were involved in a car accident. God forbid you getting into one but you know maybe they'll be ok with it. They have no choice to because then you have no way going to the appt at that time and just reschedule or tell them you'll call back to schedule another one later.

tell them that you have a more serious surgery on that day to attend to

tell them you died

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