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For the past week or so ive had this thing on my gum and i need help with it?
its happened before its this little "bubble" like a blister on the gum of my tooth and it hurts a little and i dont know if this is related or not but theres somthing even worse jsut below my jaw bone (it seems like it is right next to the jaw bone. inside the skin) it feels like a little bump and the other side has one too but its not swollen like this one. it hurts fairly bad. the bump is below the tooth that has that problem so i though maybe it had a relation please help if you know what it is tell me, if you know how to treat it tell me please i need anyu information.

ryan t
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see the drugest he she can recomend an ointment that will releave this problem Ihad them before 2 and they eventually stoped coming good luck

i think its a kanker sore and drink some salt water,
not too much or ull get sick but ya,
if it;s not a kanker sore, i dont know

Well i had something just like this, it came now and then...it does come from the tooth that is bothering you, since mine was the same kind of way...I ended up going to the dentist, and they had to scrap behind the bump, because bacteria builds up behind it...

After i had that done, it never came back...

Hello Im a dental hygienist and it could be a variety of things... If you have something protruding on both sides you may have whats called exostosis which just means you have an extra boney area. Depending on its location you may irritate it with food, chewing, etc. If this is the case its nothing to be worried about.
If it is pus filled you may have whats called a fistula which is a draining area for an abcess. This generally needs antibiotics, root canal treatment, or extractions

OR is may be a canker sore. warm salt water rinses will take care of this in a few days. Hope this helps.

I've gotten those before, hurt like a ***** for awhile, but it went away after a few weeks.
Reading some of the other responses, I didn't know it was so serious. Next time, I'll get mine checked out.

Dr.Parveen Chopra, MDS Dentist
Most....most probably there is something wrong with the associated tooth for which I would advise you to go to a dentist...who after an x-ray etc will make up his mind as to whether you require a root canal treatment or dental extraction.

In any case, dont worry about this bump.....it will go away with proper treatment . If at present you are having some pain also along with the swelling, just take some painkillers and antibiotics( as per your doctor's advice!). That would definitely offer a temporary relief at least.

Alll the best to you !!

Suzette S
Sounds like you have a canker sore on you gum. We use either canke-aid or my daughter puts salt directly on hers. The lump on your jawbone I have had before and I figured it was something to do with a virus and swellen glands. That may just be part of the canker sore also. I usually get them both at the same time. Hope that helps.

Sounds like an abcess and yo need to go to the dentist or it my get infected.

Gabby D
um my brother had one of those.. so i don't advice popping or anything go to your dentist and have them like look at it and decide if they want to pop it or medicate you

ABSCESS!!! pain from those is unbearable--go to a dentist immediately before it gets worse! My mom had one once, said the pain was worse that labor pain. Passed out is was so bad. GO TO A DENTIST NOW AND GET IT FIXED

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