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Fillings still hurt?
I got two silver fillings in my teeth on Monday and they're still really sensitive when I eat. When will the pain go away? I thought the whole point of getting the fillings was to STOP my teeth hurting! They are both quite big fillings, will that take longer for my teeth to feel better?

you should of got the white ones, silver ones are just bad news to start with

Call your Dentist, something is not right.

Listen! In my view silver fillings are better than composite for posterior teeth. They have a longer track record despite the mercury BS. It can take a few weeks before things calm down, but just the same, I would have an endodontist examine you to be sure that the inflamed nerve has healed and not necrosed. Otherwise, you could develop an abscess. If things don't get better or aren't well managed with anti-inflammatories, you will probably need root canal therapy.

Call the dentist hun, they definitely should NOT be hurting.

~ Autum Girl ~
Everyone is different. If they hurt by Monday, I say call your dentist.

Yea it should go away w/in a few days. They always hurt the day after; trust me I've had 4 plus a root canal! If it hurts a lot take pain relievers, if it still hurts a week from now go back to the dentist.

I sort of had the same problem, but I had a root canal and not filling,my tooth was sensitive after a few days! I consulted my dentist, she took care of it but it was mainly because I had intense work done to my teeth. They're fine now!
It's best you consult your dentist cause they know best!!!

Internet Resource Provider
Ask youra doctor that question.

Call your dentist. They shouldn't hurt.

i have also got one but that is of metal . but still it shouldnot hurt ! i think u should fix an appointment with ur dentist right now!!!!
......................................... r u waiting for ? go.....................................

teeth after any treatment can be sensitive.... throbbing and lingering pain....not normal but sensitivity and then it goes away until you bite or drink somethng is normal.. give it 2 even 3 weeks andif still hurts check w/ ur dentist

i'm a dentist. don't sweat. it's very normal for a tooth to be a bit touchy for a few days, even weeks, after getting a large filling. good move on the silver filling. white fillings on back teeth cause greater sensitivity and they don't last nearly as long.

if after a couple weeks you are having trouble eating or sleeping then you should do something. i can tell you now that the only thing to do will be root canals.

I got 4 fillings done a week ago and I'm still having some sensitivity from them now, one in particular which was really deep. I have to go back to the dentist on Monday anyway to get more fillings, so I'm going to ask him to take a look at them then - I'll let you know what he advises!

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