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dUh iiTs PiiNk~*~*
Easy, simple way to get rid of slimy white stuff in my mouth?
whats a simple easy household recipe that can get rid of the slimy white stuff in my mouth

I changed toothpaste but it ain't working

quit smoking, change eating habits, drink water

try mouthwash
stop drinking soda
don't smoke
drink water

TTC #1 hoping for 2009 baby!
Ugh everyone has that "slimy white thing".
And No I know its not called spit either, But you can't get rid of it.
It isn't there all day long, I know that...
You'll get used to it, just ignore it and spit alot which isn't ever lady like but it will get most of it out and stop annoying you :)

brush your teeth?

Brush your tongue and your palate "roof" with a manuel tooth brush and tooth paste.

The white slimy stuff is call plaque and bateria. You can't just rinse it out, it has to be brushed out.

Make sure you're also brushing your gumlines as well, lots of plaque sits on your gum line. "Brushing teeth" does not mean just brushing the enamal.

put some baking powder on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. OR get some hydrogen peroxide, swish it for about 30 seconds, spit it out and let it fizz up for another 20-30 seconds, then rinse your mouth with water.

Use mouthwash twice a day. The white stuff is probably oral candidiasis, which is also known as thrush. It's easily remedied, but is usually caused when you're sick or taking antibiotics. Considering they're probably neccesary you'll want to keep using them, but after each dose try brushing your teeth again, and washing with mouthwash, again, twice again.
Crest and Listerine work wonderfully. You should probably use a strong mint to eliminate as much bacteria as possible (so not the kids mouthwash or the vanilla flavors if you can help it)
Best of luck!

Try using mouthwash.


Jen R
Usually the "slimy, white stuff" is your tissue sluffing off. It's usually a reaction to toothpaste. It typically happens with me when I use Crest Pro Health toothpaste and certain Colgate toothpastes. You might have to keep switching toothpastes to find the one that doesn't cause the slime. I use Arm and Hammer because I love the baking soda aftertaste and it leaves my mouth fresh, and no slimy, white stuff.

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