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Does throwing up rot your teeth?

enquiring mind
Yes, especially if you throw up frequently. Stomach acid can do nasty things to your teeth.

My friend threw up often (bulimic) and her teeth turned a greenish-gray....very gross. And her breath always smelled horrible due to the damage.

yes it does... the acids in your stomach react with the enamel and dissolve it. Most bulimics find that their teeth start to go bad after a while (along with their hair, skin and general health.)

The acid in your stomach can eventually lead to tooth decay and then lead to rotting your teeth

no it does not rot ur teeth im sure of it

Laura Bunny
Yes, they could just basically turn to chalk. That is one of the health defects of bulimia. You could lose all of your teeth, but only if you do it constantly.

Regular vomiting can damage tooth enamel, as when you throw up there is a lot of stomach acid in it, which contains hydrochloric acid.


yes. the acid from your throw up can rot teeth. always rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after you throw up.

get on with it
Yes, it does.

- - - - -
yes...stomach acid most definitely wears away your teeth

yes it can the acid from your stomach can eat away your teeth if you are throwing up alot .

yes, because the acids from your stomach rots your teeth.

as long as you don't throw-up regularly, though, your teeth will be fine.

The stomach acid in vomit is very bad for your teeth. You should brush your teeth after you vomit to help prevent tooth decay.

In the long-term (if throwing up is continual) acid from your stomach will cause your teeth to detoriorate.

Yes, it could be very damaging on the teeth due to the acidity of it. It is recommended that you brush after vomiting. Bulemics often have severe dental problems due to constant vomiting.

Yes, overtime. My ex was a bullimic and her gum was pretty bad from throwing up, I guess from the acid in it.

Yes. I always brush my teeth before and after throwing up.

yes the stomach acid eats away the enamel on the back of your teeth

Constant vomiting can damage your teeth. The stomach acids can errode and rot your teeth.

Yes. The acid make-up in vomit has the same disentigrating properties as sugar. It will rot your teeth.

☼♥Sweet Qt ♥☼
Frequent vomiting will cause dental problems. Decay, erosion of the dental enamel and abrasion from grinding your teeth (bruxing) are the major causes of tooth loss. The increased acidity caused by vomiting or even untreated reflux can lead to severe erosion of the enamel surface of your teeth, especially in the upper jaw. When this enamel is eroded the softer inside part (dentine) is exposed.

There are observable signs and symptoms of dental and oral hygiene problems which occur with frequent vomiting, however some of these may only be identifiable by your dentist:

* Chemical erosion of the tooth enamel (increased acidity due to vomiting);
* Thermal hypersensitivity (which is when your teeth are cold or hot sensitive);
* Enlargement of salivary glands;
* Dryness of the mouth and decreased salivary flow;
* Redness of throat and soft palate;
* Reddened, dry lips, fissured at angle to lips.

Continual vomiting is very hard on your body. It not only destroys the enamel on your teeth, but affects your esophagus and other organs (like being hard on your heart)


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