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 Why does my jaw hurt so badly on the right side (the pain is shooting ALL the way to my ear)?
Does that mean I have TMJ? Also, it feels funny when I bite down & chew. It's been like this ever since last night.
Additional Details
All 4 of my wisdom teeth were removed 4 ...

 What is the dangling bit of tissue called at the back of the mouth?

 About how much does it cost to fill 4 dental cavities on a 5 year old?
This question is posed to any parents who have experienced this recently. Thanks.
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PS - the reason I'm asking is my boyfriend's daughter's mother told ...

 Is this what they call Wisdom Tooth?
ok i'm 18 .. i just woke up this morning with my right gum swelling .. its actually on the far back and theres a little tooth coming out of my gum. Its really small and its grinding with my top ...

 What do you think of this dental charge?
I had been suffering from toothache/infection off and on. Last Sunday during lunch, my old filling of several years just dropped.
On diagnosis, I was told that the tooth that it came from was ...

 Advice to help me get through the next 3 hours?
I am going to the dentist in 3 hours. I have a tooth that needs to be pulled (root canal already failed on it) and I am in a lot of pain. I took some motrin and the only other thing that is easing ...

 My 6 year old's front adult tooth that is coming through is growing out of his gum upwards.Anyone any ideas.
His baby tooth is still there but loose. The new tooth seems to be growing above this tooth but upwards out the front of his gum....

 I have to get a crown on two of my from tooth. What kind of crown is the best?
I have to get a crown on two of my from tooth. What kind of crown is the best? do they hurt? i heard they saw your tooth so that the fake crown can mold in. How much is it?
Additional Details

 What will happen if you swallow a gauze?
I went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled late last night .He told me to keep the hole packed with gauze .I feel asleep with the gauze in my mouth and I swallowed it in my sleep it feels stuck in ...

 How can avoid my teeth grinding?
I grind my teeth at night and in the morning my jaw is locked up in result of my all night grinding. How can i stop it?...

 My daughter has really bad breath......?
anyone have any idea what could be causing it? she does have good oral hygiene. she does not consume too much dairy and it is definitley not her diet, i have been down this route already....

 Worried about my wisdom teeth surgery...?
I had 3 wisdom teeth removed, all of them were soft tissue empacted. The surgery was quick but I had to have somewhere between 6 and 10 shots. Is it normal for my cheeks to be swollen around where ...

 Is flossing really inportant?

 When you have oral surgery is it the nitrous or general anesthesia that makes you loopy when you wake up?

Additional Details
ok well when they extract wisdom teeth, do they just use the local and the nitrous or do they also give you shots of ...

 How do you get your boyfriend to clean his teeth?
my boyfriends a great guy but the only thing that is off putting atm, is his teeth. the problem is that i dont think he cleans them. he already told me that he hates the taste of mint and he hasnt ...

 My gums bleed a little bit while i brush?
When i rinse i see a little bit of blood and my gums hurt a little bit??? has this ever happened to you guys before?...

 Gum swollen around loose tooth?
okay so in school my tooth became loose so in class when i was bored i started wiggling it.. well now my gum around my loose tooth is swollen it hurts so bad. What can i do to stop the pain and y is ...

 Which gum you prefer to eat more than any other gum?

 Here is what my braces look like i have a question though?
Please no rude comments. Okay so like i told you in my last question 2 of my teeth are hurting and they are painful. I think they tightened them to much. I have taken tylenol it doesn't really ...

 The best teeth whitener?
What is a good teeth whitener? I don't want to go through anything professional (too much money haha)... just something I can buy at the store.

Also, if you ever had bad experiences ...

Does the GAP between front teeth make some people more attractive?

bel c
only if your popular like madonna.

Not if it's a really huge gap! I don't think that would look good on anyone!

not always.. i spent a lot of my teenage years with a gap and i got n where with girls. got it fixed and my luck improved (a lot).

however i have some some cute girls with gaps - it just depends on the entire package really... dont get too hung up about it

I see it as as long as that persons character/personality is one of a kind then who gives a **** about the gap in there front teeth. It should add to there beauty as a person.

they say that the gap will bring you money

Ask model Lauren Hutton.

Or perhaps you should ask Madonna.

Some people look goofy with the gap. Others make the gap part of their personality.

If your gap really bothers you, and it doesn't matter what other people think, speak with your dentist about closing the space.

It can be done with braces or with veneers. Either way it's a time and money comittment.

If you are unsure of how your space makes you viewed by others, ask your good friends... and tell them to be honest. Then you can make your decision wisely.

yeah i think so... i think people with little imperfections make a much more interesting and attractive face.. i for one like a man with a broken nose and my best friend likes men with scars!

A True Gentleman
no, the opposite.

I think so... it's what makes us all different... Just like models with big four heads... they are still beautiful... I think the same goes for people with gaps in their teeth!

Brigitte Bardot had a gap. she was the most beautiful woman to walk the earth.

Penelope Smith
Oh yeah... On some people it's absolutely adorable.

Some say it means you'll be rich.
e.g. Madonna.
It just means your teeth have alot of room to move around.
I think it is attractive.
Only cause I used to have one - until I got braces!

gillian w
my mum as always told me it means your going to be rich, i though she said this because she has a gap but a few years ago she came into alot of money.

Its a matter of taste. If its natural, I think its fine. Its not necessary to plug it in.

But, some say for professional reasons--no gap.
I have never seen a professional person with a gap. But, that's just me.

Every human is beautiful in their own way..gaps in the teeth have nothing to do with it.

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