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Does it hurt when you get a filling in you tooth for a cavitity?
my dentist said i need filling for a cavity (even though i cant see the cavity) but i need to know if it will hurt

Oh god, you'll die!

You don't have feeling in your teeth but only in the nerves that are inside your teeth. So unless the cavity is deep enough to expose the nerve, you wont feel a thing. If the nerve is exposed, the dentist will know to use an anesthetic in which case... you wont feel a thing :O)

Crystal Violet
You will almost never "see" a cavity since they are very small. The dentist has special tools that allow him to "feel" them before they are visible.

Having the tooth drilled and filled should not hurt because they put a numbing gell on your gum, to numb the area where they give you a novocaine shot. The shot numbs the area COMPLETELY. During the drilling and then he will fill it.

If you have a choice get a "white or Composite" filling. The look like natural tooth, and since it adhears to your tooth, they don't have to drill away extra tooth to make the metal stay.

Godo luck

It depends on how big and deep the cavitiy is. Some peoples threshold for pain is more than others. But the detist should provide you with a topical, novacaine and you can ask for nitrous oxide that will make you relax if you are afraid of the pain. Some detists even give a sedation pill to some patients.

no--you'll be fine!
Good job for taking care of you teeth and "catching" this early!!

Not really I actually went in and god 2 cavities filled yesterday and they didn't even numb me, and it really didn't hurt that bad,,,if anything a little pressure. But, if I were you i'd still go numb--I may be pregnant,that's why they didn't numb me.

no it won't hurt at all. They numb the surrounding area and the tooth before they drill on it and fill it back in.

Your dentist will numb the area with Novocaine so you won't feel much at all...there may be a bit of discomfort, but shouldn't be anything much at all...it's just not a fun thing to go through, but it shouldn't be painful...just annoying and a bit uncomfortable...

Navy girl
no not what ever!! it just gets relly boring. it dose sound funny though. it feeld like you are eating and have you hands over you ears

it didnt hurt at all but u got 2 open ur mouth really wide n stuff i asked my sister if hers hurt she said yeah i was shocked cause i hav like 6 fillings n none of them hurted but the taste was really bad

no not if they numb you

No. The dentist will anesthize the area first, and maybe prescribe a painkiller afterwards. But if you can't take prescription painkillers (and I can't without getting sick), then use tylenol.

Good luck!

Dr.puneeta v
no it does not hurt much nly if d cavity is too deep it can tease ur nerve endings n hurt in dat case u can tell ur dentist n he wud anaesthetise ur tooth n work acc to situation . u will normally get a sensation of heat n cold rather then pain .

I am watching your every move.
u do realize that cavities are not visable
and u do realize that it doesnt hurt much at all...right?

After they numb you you wont feel anything.It not bad at all

Just a little bit, if you are really concern, u can ask your dentist to lump it for u. It's not too bad

I had 13 cavities in my teeth!!!!!! It does not hurt - they put the needle in you - just a pinch. That is the extent of the pain. Then they drill away and put your filling. It does not hurt at all

If your dentist is good, the worst part is getting the shot at the beginning. My dentist numbs my gums before putting the shot in, so I don't even feel it. A filling is not painful, just annoying.

No, they will give you anesthesia for the procedure. You might feel a little pressure, like something is pushing on your jaw, but you shouldn't feel any pain. You will drool and be swollen after for a bit while you are numb, but it isn't that bad of an experience.

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