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Does it hurt when the dentists pull out your teeth?

latina daydreamer
it can depends on you.on some people local anesthetics dont work so in that case i would let your dentist know and he might be able to treat you a different way and after they are pulled not so much just alittle sore not too bad

Yeah, it really hurts like hell kinda think of it. It really hurts like hell when somebody is pulling out my teeth. If I have a dentist, he would have a gentle touch and has anastesia so when he pulls out my teeth, I won't feel a thing!

*azn princess*
i only get a tooth pulled out when it is loose b4. and he just puts numbing stuff on ur gums. and when he pulls it out, it doesnt hurt at all.

Blunt Honesty
Not if he knows what he is doing. The dentist will numb the mouth, and in some cases give you nitrous oxide to allow you to sleep through it. They will also prescribe some pain pills if you have pain after the Novocaine has worn off.

if he numbs you, you shouldn't feel anything and for afterwards you should request some pain meds...

Afterwards, it does. It's generally not really INTENSE pain, though, so don't worry about it, okay? And plus they give you lots of good pain killers.:)

not really if they numb ya up good then it dont really hurt but you still feel a lot of pressure and pulling sometimes your tooth cracks too but its not that bad

No! They use anaesthesic

I have worked in Oral surgery for 10 years. Dentistry is a bit differ ant. Dentist do know who to extract teeth they are taught to. Oral surgeons do extractions mainly and most use Sodium Brevatol for anesthesia. If you have an abscess it is sometimes hard for Novocaine(zylocaine,carbocaine) to take affect because of the infection so there might be pain during the extraction(pulling)of the tooth. But you have to understand that there is going to be pressure during the procedure which alot of people have difficult differentiating the difference. If you are put to sleep it takes alot of pressure all the way around for you the doctor and the assistants
and it is much quicker BUT more expensive Make sure you check up on the back ground of any Doctor there are alot out there that screw up.
Been there done it.
Good Luck ,Be Safe Hope all goes well for whom ever or when ever this occurs.

They should give you Novocaine or something so it shouldn't. The only problem is, your mouth will be totally numb afterwards and it might hurt for a couple days once the painkiller wears off.


For a long time I was very fearful of going to the dentist because it was so painful. Today there are so many things available to make trips to the dentist a walk in the park. A good dentist will use appropriate things such as local anesthesia or gas to make dental extraction painless. Not going to the dentist may mean a lot of painful infections, some of which are quite serious and even damaging to your health, that are a lot more painful than a trip to the dentist.

no it dosen't... in fact u feel happy wen he pulls ur rotten tooth out!

If your numbed right all you will feel is the pressure of the operations. If your not numbed right you will feel a pinch and some good pain. Just grip those arm rests and stay still.

Well, when they pull out your teeth, they will first numb your gums first such that you do not feel anything when they pull it out.

After the numbness is gone however, you will start a feel a little pain.

But compared to having a CONSTANT TOOTHACHE, having short term pain nad being able to enjoy peace after that is so worth it, don't you agree?

John A
Not if s/he's knocked you out. Get the full anesthesia and you'll be fine! Had all four wisdom teeth pulled... woke up, felt fine.

No. Necessary local anesthesia will be given. In case where necessary, x-rays are taken of the root of the tooth to clearly identify use of tools for extraction. It is a very simple procedure. Extraction of teeth will not be done, when one is anemic or with swollen gums.

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