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Does it hurt to get a cap put on your teeth?
I got a root canal on Friday and am scheduled to have the cap put on Tuesday. The procedure was painless and I actually went to sleep. But what is it like to have the cap put on? Is there pain? What about after the cap?

Rivky K
no pain what so ever!
Good Luck

C. J.
No pain, just a little pressure, because they must push down and make sure that the cap is snugly in place. It may be a little tender in the sight for a few days. The worst of it is over.

I had my caps (also known as acid etches i nthe UK, but might be called something different where you're from) done when I was 9/10 and all I remember was the sensation of having the cap pushed on my tooth.

I'm pretty sure there was no pain..... but you have to be dead careful as to what you eat and how you eat it afterwards (If caps are acid etches in your case, they ain't strong). That means you have to avoid chomping down with the front teeth; and things like spare ribs, drumsticks and toffee apples are a total no-no!

Mind over matter. It's a piece of cake.
Really, it doesn't hurt. You will feel some pressure, but if your dentist is good, you won't feel any pain. Good luck to you.


§Apachi117§ ﺕ
Not really because they freeze the nerve so it doesen't hurt otherwise it will hurt.

The root canal would have been the painful part...the cap is nothing...just some measurements and glue it on.

Baby Penguin
at the begining

Sabel Z
a little i was 4 when i got mine and now i am 10 so yey i would have to say a little

You have a temporary cap, I believe? The permanent cap application will be pretty much the same only easier because you won't need the root canal done again. It will go fast.

You've already been through the hard part. The cap is easy. They do have to push your gum up, it's a bit uncomfortable. It might be a bit sensitive afterwards but nothing worse than the root canal.

The cap should be painless as well. You probably won't be able to tell afterwords. Same as the temporary they did after the root canal.

no it does not

If you made it through the root canal with no pain, the cap should be nothing.

not on the spot maybe after depends on u

If you survived a root canal pain free, you will not even notice a cap being put in place. It is more of a pushing sensation. If it fits properly, you will not notice it at all. If you do notice it, say something - don't think you will just get used to it. A proper fitting is essential as it will prevent all sorts of problems later and will keep the cap in place.

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