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 Do your gums bleed when you wash your teeth?
I wash my teeth regulary but they bleed alittle almost every other was. I wash once per day, twice if I remember at night. My dad washes teeth twice a day and has never flossed. He never get bleeding ...

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 Absested tooth and pregnant !!!?
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 I have had a loose tooth for almost 2 years?
my dentist says its a baby tooth ( im in my 30's ) and it will fall out on its own, i can see the new tooth underneath which is clearly going rotten as obviously i cant get to it to brush it ...

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 How much do braces cost?
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 Kind of gross, about wisdom teeth?
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 My dad got me a tooth whitening system from china but its all in chinese!!!can anyone help me with it?
al it says on th box is 'heidelberg, whitens in 2 weeks, at home professional tooth whitening system.'
licensed by:bayerische gesundheitsideologie gmbh, germany.
manufactured by:BG...

 Got my wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago an it looks like a deep whole, could something be wrong?
I got my wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago, an after all that time it just looks like a never ending whole in my mouth. It doesnt hurt or anything but, it does have a bad taste an it makes my breath ...

 Are people with buck teeth attractive??

 How come sweet things give you tooth ache?
My teeth dont hurt until i eat a Polo or a chocolate, i do need a filling, but why does the sugar or sweet stuff make it hurt??
Additional Details
I know that sugar can rot teeth, but ...

 What's a good alternative for standard tooth paste?
i'm looking for a reknown all natural FLUORIDE-FREE tooth paste, preferrably not too expensive. also, if it has whitening ability then that's a plus--or if you know of a reliable, safe and ...

 Should I floss before or after brushing my teeth?

 What do you think of adults that wear braces???

 Emergency toothache remedies?????
I have a toothache!!! Nay, 2 of them!!!!! One in each side of my mouth! When my wisdom teeth came in, I was so afraid of the dentist that I put off having them removed for so long that the pressure ...

 Do braces hurt when u get them?

 Which comes first when it comes to oral...?
hygeine? Flossing or brushing, and why?...

 How long should an 800mg Ibuprofen last for pain?
I had a wisdom tooth pulled about 2 weeks ago. They wrote me a prescription for 800 mg Ibuprofen for pain. The tooth that was pulled was putting some major pressure on the rest of my teeth on that ...

Does getting a Novocaine Shot at the dentist hurt?
I need you to provide this information as well: did they numb it with gel before hand for you, or not? Did it still hurt, or not?

Wow... It never hurt me...

It all depends on an individuals pain tolerance. To me it feels like a quick pinch that makes your eyes water for a second. It's really not a big deal.

They use the gel first and then inject the novocaine. There is actually very little pain - just "pressure" as the medication goes into the gum.

It depends. I got 2 really deep cavities filled last year and I was so nervous about getting the shot. I got my first shot when I was on the gas and this weird dentist was singing to me about how the shot wasn't going to hurt. There were like 3 people digging around in my mouth and I didn't even know the guy gave me a shot. (It was numbed)
Then the dude said he was going to give me another shot on the other side and they rubbed the numbing stuff on and I was just like oh this is going to be a piece of cake. IT WASN't. It hurt like @#$%. And it didn't feel like a "gentle beesting". It felt like someone was cuting my gums with a knife. Once you are numb it doesn;t hurt a bit though.

Ryan B
yes they numbed it with gel but yes the shot still hurt

I didnt really hurt me, just a pinch at the gums

Yes, it does in fact hurt. How much it hurts will depend on your reaction to pain. What bothers me most about it is that your jaw is sore for a couple of days afterwards in the spot where the needle went in. I'd much rather have the shot then not though---trust me!

They used to put this numbing gel before giving me the shot. But let me tell you, the gel isn't that much of a help. But the last few times I visited and needed to get a novacaine shot, the dentist just pinched/squeezed my cheek while giving me the shot. Still hurted, however.

It's a shot. A needle going into the skin... of course it will sting. But let me assure you, you will live.

I found that it helped [me] when I was getting a shot to cross my fingers.

LIKE A SON OF A *****!!!!!!!!

David P
It is pot luck. The dentist has to inject that crap into your nerve so naturally when the nerve gets sliced by the end of the needle it will hurt. If the dentist misses the nerve it won't hurt much but then the effect is not as great to reduce the pain of the work that is going to be done. I am not a dentist but this is what I have concluded from many painful visits to several different dentists.

I like how they react with surprise when you flinch and recoil from the pain of the Novocain and then flinch in pain at the dental work too like you are faking it. One of them actually got mad at me for making it look like he was incompetent. Oh well. Pain hurts and so do dentists.

The only way to avoid the pain is to get put under like they do with wisdom tooth extraction. Sodium pentathol I think.. isn't that what they use to execute people?

Good luck.

I've always had it numbed with something before hand, and 99% of the time that numbs it enough that you don't feel the shot. I've felt it once, and when the dentist realized I could feel it, he did something about it. Relax, they'll take care of you and won't try to cause you pain.

Indeed. I don't get the gel "number" at all. It does nothing of the sort.

They put a numbing gel at the injection site, but the shot still hurts. Not as much as the actual dental procedure without it though!

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