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lesss than $30.
and dont say brushing your teeth or Whitenimg toothpate....

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 My daughter just lost her first tooth however, it almost looks like the root is still in her gums.What do I do
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Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth pulled?
my friend just got there wisdom teeth pulled and they had to have an IV and sticthes!but i really dont want that!how do u know if your wisdom teeth need to be pulled and when do they start coming in?cause im 14 and have 4 molers in back breaking through the gum.

poor girl, worry not my dear, do not pull it, the young shall grow

No, not everyone necessarily has to have their wisdom teeth pulled. I had 3 wisdom teeth (the 4th one never grew in for some reason) and my dentist said only the top 2 had to go. I had them pulled when I was 19. I think they started coming in when I was around 17-18. Having them pulled wasn't the ordeal I'd heard about at all. In fact, I went out with my friends the same night. I still have my bottom wisdom tooth and my dentist assures me that as long as I keep it clean, it won't be a problem. BTW, I'm 43, so if it hasn't caused a problem by now, I don't expect it to.

Tyrant X
not everyone but most people these days do. I did

I don't believe that everyone has to get them pulled. It may hurt but when in causes interference and it really hurts then is when you need to get them pulled. But I've known some people who go years without having them pulled and ultimately there fine.

Spark of Insanity
Wisdome teeth usually erupt between the ages of 14 and 19, depending on the individual. While it not necessarily true that ALL people require having wisdom pulled, it is commonly reccomended that you DO have them pulled. Your dentist will be able to dtermine the answer to that question based on a few key factors including, but not limited to: How much room do you have in your jaw, the impact of other teeth against the wisdoms, chance of infection, cavities growing into the wisdoms. All in all, I would say consult your dentist to see how far along they are and if you will have room.

Not everyone needs to have them out. Only is they interferec with your bite, are painful, impacted, or get cavities in them.

By the way, I had to have all 4 of mine out.. I opted to only get the ones on the left pulled cuz i was so scared. I got some gas, got a shot, and there was NO pain. I'm really not kidding, and I'm not saying that like the way people tell you that their "tatoo's didnt hurt", im serious..there was NO pain whatsovever. The gas gets you high, and you feel NOTHING. I went back to the dentist to have the other two pulled WILLINGLY.

no it depends on how your teeth fit in your mouth. My grandfather died with his still there at 88

BTB 3/28/09
Not everyone has to. I was 16 or so when I got 2 of them pulled out because they were starting to hurt when they were growing in. And just last year I got 1 more pulled out due to it just "being in the way". So, I still have 1 of them.

ArchWired.com Braces Website
Unless the wisdom teeth are impacted or causing problems, there is no reason to have them pulled, unless an orthodontist recommends it to alleviate crowding in your mouth when you get your teeth straightened.

Mine were impacted, so they had to come out. The oral surgeon first numbed my gum, then completely deadened my mouth. I couldn't even feel my lips. I did not have an IV and was awake the entire time but did not feel a thing. I slept the rest of the afternoon and had a little swelling , but really didn't even need my pain pills. Don't listen to the horror stories. Your oral surgeon will know exactly what to do to make certain you feel no pain whatsoever. A mosquito bite will hurt worse.

Teresa H
the doctors will tell u. u have lots of time.

i just my wisdom teeth pulled on monday. i was really scared. but honestly u dont feel it. u cant tell. all i remember is the doctor saying its just a lil pinch and he put the needle in my arm and then when i woke up i was thinkin "oh No they have to pull em out" but they already did. and they put u on meds so ur numb. honestly its nothing to be scared about. i promise! i got all 4 of my back wisdom teeth out. they had to break the bottom ones in half. u'll be fine. i promise.

No, I know a lot of people in their twenties ant their wisdom teeth are fine. However, even though a wisdom tooth comes in straight doesn't mean there won't be pain or infection.

Steven A
No not everyone has to have them pulled, some people are blessed and they don't have them...I only had two, but did have to have them pulled, secondary to infection. Your boyfriend sounds like an extreme case, mine were not that bad. If you are going to get them it should be any day, usually start to erupt around age 13. I have many elderly patients that still have all their teeth, including the wisdoms.

well I'm 50 (old I know) and still got mine!

You usually dont get your wisdom teeth till your in your 20's 30's but there are also a lot of people who never get them. The lower ones are more tricky to get out as the nerves are around your face nerves etc & if they do it wrong it can actually disfigure your face. (sorry if I have scared you )

You only have to get them pulled out if there causing you pain, distress, coming through wrong etc, they can have a tendency to crush the tooth infront of it as they are coming through they push so hard against the other tooth in front thats when paople start to have pain but a lot of dentists take out the tooth infront rather than the wisdom tooth because the wisdom tooth will then take over the place of the removed one. No they dont have to be removed

there are molars that break through in early teen years- sometimes early, sometimes late, it just depends. Wisdom teeth don't come in most of the time until your later teen years(once upon a time before good dental care, wisdom teeth were a second chance for people who had already started losing teeth) - i still have them at almost 20. Keeping them matters on whether you have the space. I had teeth pulled on the top, and get to keep those wisdoms, the bottoms ones have to go though. As far as the IV and stitches go- believe me, being out cold for oral surgery is preferable! Also the stitches help the healing process by helping the wounds heal ( i.e. losing the clots that have formed) and preventing infection by limiting the space that is open to bacteria. don't fret anyhow, they give great painkillers after having them pulled and you get a ton of sympathy.

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