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 What will happen?
I've got a really bad toothache, it woke me up this morning and it's really sore, my mum gave me painkillers but they haven't worked at all, the pain is there all the time and nothing ...

 Why do dentists get away with 1000 percent mark up on bleaching teeth?
I paid £350 to dentist and have discovered exact same product on internet for £25...

 I had a difficult extraction 6 days ago and it still hurts. Is that normal?
My wisdom tooth was getting extremely painful. The extraction was difficult because I have a thick bone mass there and the roots were solidly embedded. My dentist didn't want to touch it. So ...

 Whata a cheap very inexpensive BUT effective over the counter tooth whitening?
gel, cream or womething that i can buy at the drug store (beside toothpaste) that can get a great whitening effect?...

 Has anyone ever had a tooth pulled?
What are the after effects like? I have to have a tooth pulled on Saturday and following that I have 2 parties to go to. Will I have to call off the parties? Or should I wait to have the tooth pulled ...

 What should I eat when I first get my braces on?

 What is the best Normal toothpaste around to buy?
There are so many brands of toothpaste out nowadays that do so many things like Whitening,Gum protection,Fresh Breathe etc but what actual toothpaste works that actually prevents you from Dental ...

 What's a good way to get rid of bloody gums?
I've always wondered this, but if your gums bleed everytime ya brush ya teeth, what's a good way to stop that?...

i have a really bad toothache.
it is throbbing with pain on the jaw line.
any advice or home remedies?

 Do you get a lisp when you wear a retainer?
is it just when you start wearing it you get a lisp and when you get used to it, it goes away? also can a tongue ring get stuck in it? thanks!
Additional Details
lol i should have known ...

 Invisible braces?
Im 16, How much will it cost me to go private and have invisible braces?
Additional Details
In E...

 Braces and orthodontist visit?
I am going to my first orthodontist appointment on tuesday the 18th. I am wondering what they do at the first appointment and how long after that I will get braces. Please respond thanks.


 Why do you have to have your wisdom teeth pulled out?
Cause back then they didn't have to! I dont want Mine to get pulled out I like them were they are....

 Whats the best toothpaste?
What toothpaste is the best for teeth whitening?...

 If you died with braces on would they take them off?

 I have a tooth that is broken.?
I AM going to pull it myself. The problem is I am not sure what the best way to do it is. I can't right now since it is infected and swelling pretty bad. Has anyone ever done this? The tooth is ...

 I am getting braces in three days, what would you reccommend for pain....?
and do you have any other tips? Like what colors should I chose?...

 Braces colors??
Should I get pink and black for my braces??...

 I have a problem with grinding my teeth, but I can't afford a dentist. What do I do?
It cost about $300-700 to get special made teeth guard, but I don't have that kind of money. Is there a way I can stop or find an alternative teeth guard until I can afford a real one?...

 Dentist charged too much...?
My private dentist charged me £535 for root canal treatment a month ago, so I have now manager to get in with my mums dentist on the NHS. I went for a a check up today where the dentist took x-rays ...

Does chewing on the inside of your mouth really cause cancer?

No but it can cause mouth ulcers! Not cool!

Chewing TOBACCO can cause cancer on the inside of your mouth. Is that what you heard? I never heard of the other. Live and learn.

It can cause you to lose the inside of your mouth if you take it to far...are you really that hungry? Try chewing gum sometime. It takes away the urge to chew on yourself.

i dont have cancer yet so no

no, but it will most likely lead to an infection, because your breaking the tissues of you gums.

No, but it will cause it to bleed and you may end up with an infection!

Chris Jones
No, I highly doubt it would.

who will chew on their own body? and it will cause your mouth scars form teeth marks. and about cancer-probably

If you do it for 50 years.


I hope not because I do that!

Tooth Fairy
No, it just causes thickning of the epithelium (that's the tissue lining) and an increase in keratin (that's the outer layer of skin) which gives a white line called "linea alba"

Chronic trauma CAN lead to cancer. It doesn't always, but it CAN.

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