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 Hpw much does it cost for Teeth cleaning?
My local dentists office want $266 (in Florida)

They said X rays, the dentists assesment, plus the cleaning.

I always thought it was cheaper??/

Or its this the right ...

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 Remedies to ease toothache?
I have terrible toothache from a wisdom tooth I have coming through, and its making the whole of my left jaw ache. I've tried all of the following:

Whiskey on the pain

 How do you take braces off at home?
brace that go on ...

 How can I stop my teeth bleeding in all occasions? I wonder I must be short of some elements ,like vetamins .?
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 Braces hurting like hell!?
I got Braces yesterday and one of teeth is slightly further back than the rest. If i even touch the bracket on my tooth it hurts like absolute hell. Does anyone have any advice as to what i can do to ...

 Can toothpaste make your sick?
Is it normal for someone to after brushing their teeth, still taste the toothpaste in their mouth and on occasion cough up spit that smells like the toothpaste? And on occasion have their tongue ...

 Are xrays ok in late pregnancy?
Im 38 weeks and due to go to the dentist tomorrow and was wondering are xrays ok? I know you aren't supposed to have them in early pregnancy....

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Use Picture on my profile ...

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what can I do with a smelly garlic breath?
how can I get rid fo ?...

 Can I drink soft drinks using straws if I wear braces?
I just wear my braces like, 2 weeks ago and the thing that’s totally killing me is the fact that I can’t drink soft drinks coz it may damage my braces. But can I use straws to drink soft drinks? T...

 Do you floss?
the longest answer with out repeating no,no,no,no,no,no it has to be like a paragraph.
Additional Details
the answerer who has the longest answer gets the points But, you cant repeat no,...

 So you have to wear a retainer after braces?
After I get the braces off will I have to rear a retainer?...

 Why do i do this???
i chew my lip alot and now that im sick its worse! its like a big and swollen... and like i do it till it bleeds and bite skin off and stuff! its so sick! idk why i do it! i find myself doing it and ...

Does chewing gum after meals help prevent plaque & tartar buildup?

Yes it does, all the action of your jaws moving loosens up the food inbetween your teeth.

As long as it is sugar free. The incresed flow of saliva helps clear the bacteria and prevent it from adhering to the teeth as much.
Good Luck

yes it sure does, as long as it is sugar free gum.

I think if wrigleys were smart they would make a gum with a small amount of flouride in it

Chewing sugarless gum after meals is a great way to get that saliva flowing to wash away all of the yuck, but it does not take the place of proper brushing and flossing everyday. If you can't brush and floss, the sugarless gum is a great way to get your mouth cleaner, also you can swish with water after meals if you don't have access to a toothbrush and floss. Now I don't know if it can prevent plaque and tarter, I would say no. Because the gum can't reach in between your teeth like floss can to reach the bacteria and food debris that eventually lead to plaque and tarter. I would say that sugarless gum can be a useful adjunct to good home care. But I would not rely on it soley to prevent plaque and tarter build-up. I personally love orbit gum, the cinnamon flavor. The flavor lasts forever.

in depends only those that have no sugar aded it helps to remove food betwen the tooth and make easier to wash but do not sustitute the brush

annie red
Yep, the gum encourages saliva and that help to reduce the plaque and tarter. Also those new items called, brush ups are great.


i dont kno but if u come up with a answer then maybe i try to see wat it is


yeah but only sugar free gum


Chewing SUGARFREE GUM will help remove plague and food debris when regular brushing and flossing cannot be done. It will not remove plague from under the gums or in between teeth like flossing does. Chose a sugarfree gum with xylitol in it. A lot of recent research shows that xylitol prevents cavities (by killing or mutating bacteria so that is doesn't create acid which causes cavities). Orbit has always had xylitol as an ingredient (love all the flavors). And now because of the research, many other brands are adding this ingredient. I've seen packages of trident advertising that is contains xylitol. Looks like they have good fruity flavors.

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