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Do you think that Dentist lie about you having cavities just so they get more money?
When I went to the dentist before, they said that I had 3 cavities, about 2 or so months later we went to another dentist and they said I didn't have any. so like my question..what do you think?

yea darlig its all a big ole scam.... teeth dont rot......just dont get them knocked out,,,and they will be with you forever.. i wouldnt even brush, till you seen a little green color the and only then...

Dentists are the most corrupt of all professions.

They poke and dig, hurt people and then go to the bank, smiling.


My mom was fondled by a dentist, so she got free work done, coz he didn't want to be sued.


yes they do,I went too one dentist they said I needed 8 cavitys filled,I went back to my old dentist he said I had none and the other guy just wanted my money.

Take it from someone who has fought with dentists for 4 decades. They will do whatever they can convince you of to "Seal the Deal!" Last time I was in, he told me that I should re-consider the extractions I scheduled. "Might post long term problems," he said. I asked if he "looked" when he looked in my mouth. I've had 40 years of "long term problems!" Dentures cannot compare to the problems I've endured trying to "Save" my teeth. Yes, I believe some would LIE!!!

yes dentist do lie about your teeth your teeth could be in perfect they just lie to get more money

tha last don
of course they do..... thats like saying 50 cent is a snitch... he's really a snitch

most dentists just wanna f*** up your teeth to get money....

a lil story

dentist says you have cavities
dentist does fillings wrong so next time you go he says you have reocurring decay
drills more messes up on the filling again
dentist says you need a crown
dentist decides to root canal after he placed da crown so you have to pay for the crown procedure again
dentist messes up on the root canal so u decide to pull out the tooth and the dentist attacks another tooth


the best way to avoid that is to ask to see the cavity on the x-ray of your teeth. they do show up. if it is not there find a new dentist and report that one.

Donna L
No because of Dental Ethics they cannot lie but the other Dentist probably saw the teeth in a different light maybe he had another opinion.

YES I went to A western Dental In Ceres California and I had never had a cavity and im 20 and They said I had 4 and so they filled them, Next time I went back 6 months later they said I have 4 agian, never go there the place is a rip off

I think dentists like doctors are supposed
to take an oath to run an honest practice.

kεlsεy ॐ
I haven't come across a bad dentist yet, personally, but I'm sure there are some out there. There are bad people who just want money in EVERY profession, not just dentistry.

Some lie and some are honest.
You just have to look around until you find an honest one.
When I moved to where I am living now one dentist told me I need 4 root canals and that got me thinking. Because the possibility of me needing 4 root canals about a year after my previous visit to my old dentist was very low.
So I looked for someone else. The new dentist is older and I have to call up at least a month ahead to schedule an appointment. So I don't think he would need to lie to me for some extra money!
And I was right... the guy was lying. I didn't need 4 root canals after all! I just needed one.

It seems to be a very popular misconception that dentists "lie" to get people's money. Of course, there is a small minority who might do this, but the vast majority are telling you what they honestly believe.

The problem is, there are many ways to diagnose and some detection methods are more thorough than others. Dentist A looks at an x-ray and doesn't see decay. Dentist B uses a Diagnodent detection device and sees more. Dentist C uses magnification loups and finds other problems.

None of these dentists are lying, they just look at the same teeth differently.

True story: one dentist I did work for diagnosed 6 cavities on a 13 year old. The kid drank Gator Aid and pop all day and the dentist used a sonic device to find decay. He fixed two of the teeth and then the mom freaked out. She took him to a new dentist - a much younger one - who said there was no decay. The first dentist had to answer a complaint filed with the board of health, but was able to substantiate his diagnosis.

A year later, the kid's teeth were completely bombed out. The decay had continued untreated and spread in areas not visible to the naked eye.

People don't like to be told their teeth are bad. Most dentists can make plenty of money treating legitimate problems in the mouth and don't need to make up stuff. It takes a lot of hard, expensive schooling to become a dentist.

Why would somebody go through all that and then risk their license and livelihood just to rip people off? Come on, people...use your common sense!

I'm sure it happens; there are bad apples in every bushel. But there really is no need for a dentist to make things up. There is plenty of actual work that needs done without making things up.

The thing about dentists is that you have to go see one sooner or later. The truth is that if I really wanted to cheat my patients, it wouldn't be by making up small cavities. Dentists really don't make that much money doing fillings. If I were going to cheat patients I would let their cavities go a year or two until they hurt. Then instead of a $150 filling they would need a root canal, post and core, and crown which all together costs about 10X as much as a filling.

Now I would never do that and I don't know a single dentist who would. We devote a lot of time and money to get into this profession; it would be silly to throw all that away for a few more dollars at the end of the month.

Besides the fact that there is no need to be dishonest, most dentists simply have too much professional pride to ever cheat their patients. If you feel unsure about what your dentist is telling you, ask him to show you on the x-rays or a picture. I'm sure he will be more than happy to help you understand; that is just part of the job.

mandy b
Thank you emmalou and Richard for your common sense answers. Of course there may be a few bad apples, but most dentists want to help their patients. If you are ever in doubt, ask the dentist for a digital photo which can be taken immediately and often without charge. My boss is a wonderful skilled dentist with 30 years experience, we are so busy we can't take on any new patients at the moment and our current ones have to wait up to 3 months to see him for anything but emergency visits. He takes photo's at no charge so our patients can have peace of mind and be educated. My daughter was seeing an orthodontist for the last 2 years, and when she came into work for a check-up there were visible caries (holes) to the naked eye which the orthodontist hadn't even mentioned. So I think some are just more thorough than others as well. Talk to your dentist about your feelings, if they are a good dentist they will do all they can to reassure you. Good luck.

Richard F
Have the dentist show you the cavities on the x-ray. Most dentists are honest, but a few bad apples in every walk of life. There is a difference in dentists abilities to detect caries. It is not a big difference, but it is there.

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