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Do you brush your teeth first or have breakfast first?

i brush first, to remove all the plaque; then i eat breakfast. and then i brush again after.

It used to be my teeth, but then i changed to a coffee, but after a few weeks the first thing i had was a beer. now i just have my wife. ha ha......x.

I eat breakfast first, my husband always brushes first.

I don't understand his way (it changes the way your food tastes unless you do it much earlier, and then you run the risk of spending the morning smiling at people at work with cornflakes stuck to your teeth!), and he doesn't understand my way (eating breakfast with a yukky tasting mouth).

jennifer f
i have breakfast first and then brush my teeth about 20 minutes later. i dont see the point in brushing thwm if you are going to eat something straight afterwards.

If Im in bed with my husband and it's the weekend I will get up and clean my teeth first thing and then again later after breakfast. otherwise after breakfast.

A lot of people don't have breakfast - me included - so it is clean those tootsies and away you go!

Cleaning your teeth is a preventative thing and therefore to me the best way to protect your teeth is to brush first and then eat. This of course doesn't leave your mouth nice and fresh for the start of the day as some people might want but it is a better method of protecting your teeth. On a personal note it is also pretty unpleasant cleaning your teeth when there are bits of food and residue in your mouth - I hope people who do clean after eating at least wait a while!

Breakfast first

After, before and after but never just before

Whatever you prefer but your not supposed to brush soon after drinking fruit juice as it causes tooth erosion you should wait at least 30 minutes.

Brush your teeth before breakfast. Food creates bacteria that start attacking and weakening the enamel on your teeth; if you brush straight after food your brush works like sandpaper on the weakened enamel. Use mouthwash by all means after eating or chew gum.

breakfast firtst of course!

Brush first. I don't normally eat breakfast.

breakfast then brush.

♥ Miss E ♥
I clean my teeth, have a wash or shower then have my breakfast. I have had breakfast before brushing my teeth before but thats normally at the weekend when I have time to mess about but my breakfast tastes rank.

breakfast first...have u ever brushed ur teeth right b4 u ate breakfast? it affects the tastes of certain foods and drinks, especially OJ. try it , it makes the oj tastes horrible

you brush you teeth last.

i usually have breakfast, have a shower, then brush my teeth! lol! thats my order of most days!!!!!!

Toilet, then breakfast, then teeth

Beatles Fanatic!
breakfast! it only makes sense....why would you brush your teeth and THEN eat? your just going to get your mouth all "dirty", and you wont be cleaning it after

I brush my teeth first thing
before tea and food
yuk to those dirty people who eat with morning death breath

The current thinking is that is doesn't matter as long as you brush them! Of course you can do both which is even better! Personally I do both as I hate eating breakfast with a dirty mouth!
If you're still unsure visit
http://www.dentalhealth.org.uk/ and put your question to them.

eat breakfast first and then brush my teeth

Rachel A
breakfast first then i clean them,

Before and after.....can you live through making breakfast having your mouth feel like a cement hole?

normallyu brush teeth first

Breakfast then teeth

Breakfast first for me. What's the point in cleaning them just to bung them up again 5 minutes after? Makes the food taste vile if you don't wait, too. I like to have a fresh mouth until I eat again :)

I dont brush my teeth....

lol jk, after breakfast for me!

i usually brush my teeth 1st just coz i shower 1st and if i dont clean my teeth before my shower i might forget and that would be gross

its too hard to change a 23 year routine

Breakfast first, then clean your teeth after.

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