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Do getting cavities filled hurt?
im not too worried but i dont want to be not expecting something if it hurts. if that makes sense, and sorry i bet a lot of people ask this question.

no, you can't feel a thing

That depends on the dentist and what kind of medication they use. I would suggest taking 400-600mg of Motrin before you go in.

Cassie N
Nope they will give you a shot and it feels like a pinch. Other then that it doesnt really hurt!

♥♪v i c♪♥
To me, they don't really hurt. I remember when I got one when I was five and I didn't cry or anything. But it depends on how sensitive a person's mouth is. If it hurts when you get a regular dental checkup, then a cavity will most likely be worse than that. If not, then you should be in good shape!


people say that it doesnt hurt....
but i can still feel it!

or maybe its just the sound of the drill!..
it kills my ears.....

plus theres always the fear of needles

Fire Tiger
not really. the most pain ur probably going to get is having the shot to make everything num. just feels like a small misquito bite. o and afer dont eat anything because ur cheek will b num and u wont feel anything so u might really chew up ur cheek without noticing.

they give you silly gas you wont feel a thing i have had it happen to me i was so high on that stuff i dont even rember it happening lol

Don't worry, it doesn't hurt at all!!!

I had two cavities filled not too long ago- one in my wisdom teeth, and the other the second molar, next to it.
Firstly, they'll give you a shot of local anesthetic (makes your tooth and surrounding area totally numb! Make sure if it doesn't feel numb, you let them know! They'll inject you with some more, and they'll give it some time to work). If you're anxious, I suggest you ask for Nitrous Oxide (Happy gas!) it helps calm you!

Depending on how deep the cavity is, they'll use two types of drills. One mini one, which you can't really feel and the second 'heavy duty drill' you will feel a bit of buzzing, and pressure- but no pain! (if there's any twinge of pain, put your hand up straight away and let them know. They'll stop and give you some more local and let it settle before continuing). The most you'll feel is a little bit of pressure (and vibration from the drill). They'll then put a bit of paste looking stuff in the hole, and use a special UV light to seal it, and then when done, they'll ask you to sit up- bite on a strip of black paper and bingo! Done!

Simple as that! You'll be numb for a few hours, but there'll be no pain afterwards! :D You'll be fine!

It all depends on how deep the rotting in your tooth is. I mean, they give you something for the pain, but it WOULD hurt. I once asked if I was going to need numbing for my cavity and they said "probably not" so I didn't, no pain, and it was over in five minutes.

Some of the answers provided correct information as far as they went. I just had 2 cavities filled that were down by the "gum line". My dentist at the VA hospital described it as "hot as a $2 pistol". Because of their locations close to the tooth root and nerves the first one hurt like hell. The second one I had him give me a second shot of novocaine (or whatever they use these days) and hardly felt it. Most times I find the injection more uncomfortable than the actual dental work. I take morphine for chronic pain so taking Motrin is not really going to help. Most dentists will use a topical "liquid xylocaine" and then the injection to numb you. If you really don't like the potential pain go see a dentist that uses nitrous oxide. It is probably more expensive but if it helps you get your dental issues addressed it is worth the price. Dental problems can lead to many serious physical ailments if not addressed. I have told dentists that they are the only specialists who put their instruments in front of a conscious patient which I believe contributes to peoples fears of dental work. Best of luck.

No it doesn't.

Your mouth might feel weird, cause it'll be kept open for so long though.

09♥ sistaa♥
i think i have to get my cavities filled again = [
last time i remember, i don't think it hurt. it was a pretty simple procedure.

UofM RDH 2008
The actuall physical process doesn't hurt, because the dentist will put in a local anesthesia that will numb the nerve endings that lead to your tooth. Sometimes, putting the needle into your tissue has a bit of a pinch, and then depositing the solution has a little burn (the doctor may say, "you'll feel a pinch and a burn" but it's nothing that should be traumatizing....you will be fine!!! After the needle, you will feel NOTHING....! Remember not to eat at least an hour after your filling, or you may pull it out...which you don't want!

Good Luck!

No. The dentist gives you a tiny shot (needle) in your gums, it feels like a mosquito bite and it deadens the tooth to be filled. The needles nowadays are really thin and don't hurt at all! IF you DON'T get the tooth filled, it'll eventually decay and THEN you'll have MAJOR pain and will likely have to get a root canal and a crown (like I did!).


it depends on how bad the cavity is, and how good your dentist is.

I have had mine filled and they don't hurt to where you want to cry, but sometimes they can poke your tooth too deep. and that hurts

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