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 I get bleeding when brushing and also i am not satisfied with brushing bad odour in mouth.?
what to do to get relief permanentaly i went to dentitist also he cleaned but also 1 month no problem but what will be the solution to this condtion and also can i do minor surgery for gums....

 Why do we, as humans have to brush our teeth, when animals don't?
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Why do we have to? Why are they different? What will happen if we didn't?...

 For 20,000 dollars, would you go 3 months without bathing, brushing your teeth, or putting on dioderent?!?

 Am I the only one who thinks Dental prosedures are too expensive?
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 How long does it take to recover from getting 4 wisdom teeth cut out?
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 How often do you have to go to the dentist?
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 Is it easier and less painful to have partially erupted wisdom teeth pulled?

 Does anyone know how teeth whitening kits work?
Like the home whitening ones.
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And is it bad for you?...

 My daughter is losing her first tooth...?
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 How do you make a sore tooth feel better?

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A sore tooth that is because of the dentist....

 I am scared to get my braces tightened does it hurt?
does it hurt?
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Umm does it hurt when you are getting them on?...

 How old do you have to be to get braces?
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 Has anyone ever got a root canal?
how long does it take and is there anything to take the pain away?does the needle hurt?


 Can I sell my teeth for money?
the teeth in question belong to my son. he had them extracted to make room for braces. they are perfect. he cannot do anything with them and was told he could sell them to a lab or something of this ...

 Should you drink orange juice when you have braces on your teeth.?
The orthodontist never told us this, but my friend was. I know about fizzy drinks, etc etc....

 Does everyone have to get there wisdom teeth removed or is it optional?

 Hello i got braces , but the dentist says they need to take teeth..is this right?
i went to the dentist but i dont trust him he says they need to take out four teeth after a month, he says becasue they wont go straight is this true or is he wrong,, i dont trust him cuz he works in ...

 How much do braces cost?
How much $ does braces cost?...

 Kin I whittle new choppers outta Pine wood? Or should I use Yew to chew mah food fer me?

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Sorry MGV4, Is'a looked up inna dictionary. Ah should'a spelled it "You"....

 Teeth Whitening Strips?
Has anyone tried the Target Brand's Premium Teeth Whitening Strips? They're cheaper and say they work the same...
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What do you mean... illegal?!...

Do dentists in the USA still use amalgam?
Here in Italy my dentist keep saying that amalgam is the best stuff to take care of teeth.I'd rather something different because its silver colour annoys me.
Do they use it too in the USA?

Beny G
you should refuse amalgam it is toxic

no i don't think so they use that white stuff not

Charlene Dev
They used to use what was called an amalgam, or mixture of mercury and something else, maybe Chinese newspapers or white lead, but I believe the practice has been halted as unsafe.
The newest trend is the resin bonding. Tell your butcher to get with the times or shop around for someone new. Your smile will thank you.

If your dentist is still using amalgam run. Here in the USA a good dentist should not be using amalgam. A lot of toxic comes from amalgam and it causes a lot of side effects. The list is endless for me to even write it here. I think your dentist needs to upgrade himself. Amalgams are so ancient. Bonding with resin (White filling) if done properly can last a long time.

Most dentist use tooth colored fillings nowadays. I'm sure there are some who still use amalgam, but there are studies saying that they are not safe.

Your average modern dentist in the US will most likely choose ceramic or polymer-based tooth colored fillings over metallic fillings. However, amalgam and other metallic fillings are more durable. If you do get a tooth colored filling, make sure you get it replaced once it has worn down.

Search around. I'm sure you can find a dentist who uses more natural looking filling somewhere in your area.

Michelle - Dental Hygienist, USA
yes it is still used, some dentists prefer it but others do not.

Amalgam, which is an alloy of mercury, zinc, tin, copper and silver, is still used in the USA. Some dentists use the composite resin (tooth-colored) filling material for all fillings, but some still use the amalgam for posterior (back teeth) restorations.

The crushing strength of amalgam is higher than the crushing strength of the composite, so using it on posterior teeth is the better option, since it will withstand more bruxism... and amalgam fillings won't 'wash out' after a few years.

Amalgam is used for it's strength, not appearance. If two people had the same filling placed on a molar, but one received amalgam and the other received composite, chances are the one who received the composite would have it replaced sooner than the one who had the amalgam filling...


I don't know. None of the dentists I've been to in the last 10 years use them anymore. As my silver fillings have been falling out or loosening up (they are all over 20 years old), they 've replaced them with the resin fillings.

Steve C
Mine doesn't, he uses the white epoxy for everything.

I agree with Kelloggd and dental asst. Your other answers are mostly from folks who don't know anything.

dental asst
yes, amalgam is still used..
White composite fillings can sometimes cause sensitivity on deep fillings and patients have to return to have them replaced

Only one country has stopped amalgam. That is Sweden. Amalgam is safe and has been studied to death. There is no scientific basis for not using it. So called studies against it are very flawed and illegitimate. The chief reason for a dentist to change is demand from patients for "pretty" filings. Next, the dentist needs to evaluate the strength of the dental material. Further, where in the tooth is it being placed. The current composites are almost as strong as amalgam. When they reach amalgam strengths and workability, we will all use it.
No epoxy is used in the mouth. We use a resin filled composite, usually light cured but can be chemically cured.
Amalgam is an alloy of silver and mercury. It is in a bound state and not chemically active. That is why we use it. It is superior to all filling material except gold.
DDS and still practicing

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