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miranda m
Do braces change the way your face looks?

yes cause they smash you face with a chain saw before putting them in

psycho crazy!
no..only when you smile cuz ppl can see the braces but thats it........they dont make your mouth big or anything, well they arent supposed to

nervous nelly
YES! Orthodontics not only deals with straigenting teeth but your jaw bones as well, which in turn can correct the entire structure of your face. I am living proof :)

The brackets may feel humongous inside the mouth, but the brackets are small enough and most wearers get used to it after a time.

As they say: no pain, no gain.

NO!! I have braces and the only thing they change is your teeth!!

Not really.

And eventually, when they come off, you will look the best of all!

yes, especially when you open your mouth.

Yes. I had my chin pulled out to be more prominent through orthodontics. I was prettier when it was all over.

Arthur Margarine
No not really. I had braces for 1.5 years and nothing was really different except the "metal teeth" look that came out in every photo =(

at first, a little bit. your lips go out a little farther simply because your mouth isnt used to the brackets. after about a week it wont look different.


yes, they do in the end. the shape changes totally cause your teeth are in a different position...depending on how bad your teeth were in the first place.

hope this helps!

Only from the brace wearers point of view. They are so self-conscious that they contort their faces in all kinds of ways to stop their braces from being "seen".

Get any of the new colourful braces and show them off to the world instead.

miss!@ the disco
my ex bf had braces and b4 he got his off his cheeks lok a bit more puffy..it was so adorable..wow i miss him..ughh but no they really dont! good luck =]

bubble babe
if you have an over-bite

You can improve the way your face and smile looks

potentially they can....as you teeth move into place.. little changes will be made but it is very slow and goes almost unnoticeable. as far as the actual braces go... they really wont make a difference..
might make your lips look a little fuller

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