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Could a sinus infection make your tooth hurt?
I had a sinus infection & a sensitive tooth. My dentist took an X-ray of the tooth & (big surprise) said he wanted to do a root canal because it looked like the root was starting to die. He acted like I was an idiot because I thought it could be from the sinus infection... but since I got rid of the sinu infection, my tooth hasn't bothered me again. It's been over a month now. Was I right?

Life after 45
Actually, you probably got the sinus infection FROM the bad tooth, as the bad tooth gives off toxin, and bacteria breeds quickly! Get the tooth fixed!

Mary O
Are you a dentist? If your dentist told you,you need a root canal then you most likely do you will only have problems with it in the near future.

Joseph K
No. He's the professional. I'm sure he knows what an absess tooth looks like. I do know that an absessed tooth can cause a sinus infection.

the swelling from the sinus infection could have made the problem that was already there hurt more, but a sinus infection wouldn't cause a tooth ache

Yes, sinus infections can cause the teeth to hurt, maybe your dentist just wanted a little more dough.

Crystal G
Yes, a sinus infection can definately make your tooth hurt. When the top sinuses are filled with fluid from inflammation or infection, the fluid pressure can cause your upper back teeth to ache.

I would either get a second opinion from a different dentist or wait and see if it starts to bother you again.

Good luck!

Go to another dentist fort a second opinion. I've had sinus issues that would occasionally feel like a toothache.

Yes it can My sister in law had nose surgery done many years ago. She had a toothache and went to the dentist. Nothing was wrong with the tooth. He asked her if she had any recent surgeries, she told him yes plastic nose reconstrucytion. He said that would give the symptoms of a toothache because it involves the sinus and surrounding nerves.

Yes and no. Sinus infections can affect the general wellbeing of the maxillary arch (your upper teeth) and can make the area sensitive. There could also be the fact that your tooth temporarily stopped hurting because more bacteria and food baceame lodged in the existing cavity and has temporarily dulled the pain sensation. If an x-ray was taken and it showed that your root is dying, then it is dying and you need to get a root canal very soon. X-rays do not lie, sweetie, and unfortunately, that tooth will begin hurting again, sinus infection or not.

Eda M
no but an infection in your tooth could travel

It could be both.
A sinus infection can easily cause a tooth ache.
However, perhaps your tooth is dying and that is why only that tooth was sensitive during your sinus infection.
Sounds like you should get a second opinion or just wait.

Yup, you were right- tooth pain sure can be caused from sinuses. thats happened to me before, too.
but, if you took an antibiotic to rid yourself of the sinus infection, and ended the tooth pain, you don't know for sure the tooth pain wasn't an unrelated problem which the antibiotic ended, just coincidentally, or it could have even been the source of the sinus pain-

My teeth always get supersensitive when i have sinus infections. I use sensodyne toothpaste to help with that. It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion though just to be on the safe side.

Maybe. A sinus infection can definitely cause tooth pain. I would see how it goes for the next month and if you have pain, I would consider the root canal.

I'm sure can. Even an ordianary head cold can sometimes make your teeth feel achy. But if your dentist really saw something on the x-ray, you might have a tooth problem too. If it starts to act of again, maybe a second opinion is in order. My dentist would NEVER recommend unnecessary treatment, but not all are that conscientious.

If your dentist doesn't believe that a sinus infection can cause tooth pain you need to find a new dentist!

Bud's Girl
Doctors and dentists aren't always right. They are human and make mistakes like the rest of us. You know how your body feels, they go by the book. (Not all of them are like that though). If you are concerned about your tooth anyway, go to another dentist and ask for a second opinion.

its just me
i think its the tooth problems that can cause your sinuses to mess up.

yes a sinus infection can cause tooth pain. the floor of the sinuses are located right next to the roots of your teeth.and infection can be spread from one to the other.and as someone else mentioned, the associated pressure and swelling can bring on pain between the two. i wonder though- many dentists refer root canals out to an endodontist now days,due to the specialization of the procedure.a second opinion would be a better decision than assuming that all is well.

Absolutely, the manifestations of sinus pain are a throbbing forehead a numbness below the eyes, an almost mentholated breathing through the nose. Since these nerves are all connected then you feel your teeth, most commonly they can throb or become mosre sensitaive.

It's been my experience, that sinus infections can manifest with many symptoms... including, but not limited to referred dental pain as you describe...I think you were wise in a conservative approach. As a member of the health-care profession, I can assure you, that some health-care professionals do not have your interests at heart, but are more interested in their "pocketbooks"!

Cheshire Princess
i've had a sinus infection so bad b4 that i thought all my teeth on one side were gonna fall out

oh honey. i have had a sinus infection/inflammation that flares up every now and then, when my allergies go or the weather changes or there's a dense kind of fume in the air (especially really bad exhaust or chemical fume of some kind). whenever it does, the pain runs from the sinuses on either side of my nose down my neck and everything in between, especially the teeth on the left side of my face and my ear. it's excruciating, and some days (like today, ironically), i was up until 5 in the morning trying to find the right position to lay in so my sinuses wouldn't make my face hurt. now, i can drink a glass of ice water and hold the water on that side of my face without a twinge. that's not sensitive teeth, even though my wisdom teeth need to come out. tooth pain isn't positional and it doesn't go away with Sudafed PE, Vicks Vap-O-Rub and Shower Soothers (God bless those things - try them and see if you like them).
I reccommend putting hot washcloths on that side of your face, and breathing in hot (not scalding) humid air from the shower or a humidifier. also helpful is boling a kettle of water and putting it in a bowl, then putting your face over it as long as you can stand it. great for the sinuses, and the pores! :)
hope you feel better soon!!!

Blunt Honesty
Yes, it can. He wanted your money. Get a new dentist. Or you do have the beginnings of a problem, and the sinus infection was bothering the tender root of the problem tooth. Only time will tell.

Yeah. It's all about the pressure. It probably means that there is something wrong with your tooth, but just the extra pressure in your sinuses can make it hurt whereas otherwise you wouldn't notice it.

Depends, The overall face pressure is connected to the teeth nerves. I have been to a dentist before over this, and that is what he told me. However, a second opinion may not hurt, because if the root is in fact dying, your dentist may be saving you alot of pain in the future. So much pain that its worth making sure.

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